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Find out how much it costs to get a tradesman to do a job for you. Whether you're looking to hire a plumber, joiner or builder we've got price guides on all sorts of interior and exterior jobs including estimated cost of labour and materials.

artificial turf cost

Laying Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is an alternative homeowners might be contemplating if they’ve had to deal with dead-grass, mulch, and weeds, one too many times.

chimney repointing cost

Repointing your Chimney

Pointing on the chimney refers to the cement between the bricks on the chimney. If repointing services have to be performed, this will...

repair guttering cost

Repairing your Gutters

Gutter repair jobs take on various forms. In some homes, it is simply patching an area, while in others it can be as much as replacing an...

loft boarding cost

Boarding a Loft

Want a safe, clean storage space in your home? Or, are you simply looking for a room-addition to add space to your home?

triple glazing installation cost

Installing Triple Glazed Windows

Homeowners will instantly notice a difference upon installing new triple-glazed windows. Your home will retain temperatures more...

carpet fitting cost

Carpet Fitting

The cost to fit new carpeting in a home will vary from home to home. If you choose a plush carpet, versus industrial, the cost will vary.

installing a boiler cost

Installing a New Boiler

Installing a new boiler is often not the type of home remodeling projects most owners want to perform. In fact, it is one you will put off as long...

building a shed cost

Building a Garden Shed

A garden shed is a perfect storage solution outside your home. Installing a new garden shed, with concrete flooring, is a project that you can...

floor fitting cost

Fitting New Flooring

When fitting flat flooring in a home, there is the obvious decision of the material you desire. Loose lay vinyl planks, wood-based, or other...

laying a patio cost

Laying a Patio

Laying a patio in your garden area is a great way to increase usable outdoor space, and enjoyable space.

kitchen sink fitting

Fit a Kitchen Sink

If you need to install a new kitchen sink, proper fitting and placement are of a high degree of importance. Just imagine if it...

loft hatch installation

Install a Loft Hatch

If you have a loft in the attic area, or higher level than the ground level of your home, a loft hatch is a perfect addition to access the loft.

double glazing installation

Installing Double Glazing

Double-glazing is a great way to protect your home from harmful UV rays. If you have pricey floors, furniture, or ...

drain unblocking cost

Drain Unblocking & Jetting

Jetting a drain system is a simple way to get rid of the blockage and clogs. Over time, water pressure isn’t as high, and ...

dropping a kerb cost

Dropping a Kerb

A dropped kerb basically allows your vehicle to drive from your driveway, onto the street. It is a barrier which serves ...

fence installation cost

Fitting Fence Panels

If you want to have fence panels fitted outside your yard, a fencing contractor is the best option to consider. Even if it is a smaller ...

rendering an external wall

House Rendering

Rendering your exterior walls will help improve aesthetic value of the home’s exterior. This however, doesn’t come without a cost.

house survey cost

House Survey

Surveying a home is done for various reasons. If you plan on selling the home, many buyers might request for you to have it surveyed prior to sale.

gutter installation cost

Installing New Guttering

If you have seen leaks around your property or noticed clogged/backed up leaves, it might be time for new guttering.

install led lighting

Installing LED Lighting

LED lights are a major upgrade in the home. They use less electricity, so your bills are lower each month.

install towel rail radiator

Installing a Towel Rail Radiator

A great addition to the bathroom is a towel rail radiator. It will help maintain the towels you use at a warm temperature when it gets cold out.

install wheelie bin store

Installing a Wheelie Bin Store

If limited storage space is a problem outside your home, installation of a wheelie bin store might be the optimal solution.

loft conversion cost

Loft Conversion

A loft conversion is a great addition to any home. A great game room for the kids, a sleeping space for guests, or simply using it for storage, ...

cost of roof moss removal

Removing Roof Moss Manually

Pressure cleaning would obviously remove moss and other debris from your roof. However, there is always the option of manual cleaning and ...

cost of a new kitchen

Fitting a New Kitchen

Sure, your new kitchen suite will look great. But, what actually goes into making that dream space into a reality? Is it simply adding new...

painting front and back doors

Painting an External Door

It’s a simple paint job, right? Maybe for some. But, in painting the front and back doors of your home, you might come across other projects...

painting a living room

Painting your Living Room

The front room of your home is seen by everyone. Any visitor that walks in, is going to walk through it. With this in mind, you obviously want...

cost of power flushing central heating

Power Flushing Central Heating

Removing the pump and attaching the power flush hose, is a simple way of explaining what power flushing your central heating system is...

recementing ridge tiles

Recementing Ridge Tiles

As the name of the project implies, recementing the ridge tiles on the roof is simply applying cement, over the cement which is damaged...

chimney removal cost

Removing a Chimney

You are tired of your chimney. You want to reinstall it on another area of the roof. You don’t want to maintain or clean it. These are some of...

cost of a new bathroom

Cost of a New Bathroom

This article details the installation of a whole bathroom suite and examines the work that goes into carrying out this sizable task. While this...

cost of floor insulation

Cost of Insulating Flooring

This article will detail the main ways in which it is possible to insulate a floor in a house or office premises, to either make it more...

cost of a new radiator

Cost of Installing New Radiators

This article will detail the process of fitting a new radiator system to an entire house and will look at the process, the pitfalls, and...

cost of removing gas fire

Cost of Removing a Gas Fire

Many properties from the 1950’s to 1980’s came with rather unsightly gas fires and surrounds that many modern homebuyers find unattractive...

fixing subsidence cost

Cost of Repairing Subsidence

This article will detail the steps that you need to take to fix subsidence once that you have recognised that the condition...

shed removal cost

Removing a Garden Shed

This article will detail the steps required to remove an unwanted shed form a property, as well as dealing with its...

cost of vinyl flooring

Laying Vinyl Flooring

This article will outline the work needed to fit vinyl flooring and examines all aspects of carrying out this surprisingly...

cost of moving a radiator

Moving a Radiator

This article will outline the work required to move an existing radiator and to fit it in a new position. This is a medium-sized task that...

loft conversion cost

Hanging a TV on the Wall Cost

This article will outline the work needed to mount a TV to a wall, by using a number of different fittings and brackets. It will also review...

Installing a Driveway Charging Station

Charging Station Installation

If you’re contemplating purchasing an electric vehicle, you will need to have a charging point so that you can charge it...

Cost of Repairing a Boiler

Repairing a Boiler

This article will detail how to repair certain parts of a boiler system. Boiler systems are complex designs, and most parts should only be...

Installing a Fire Alarm

Installing a Fire Alarm

This article will detail the work required to install a fire alarm in your property and will look at the legal aspects as well as the...

install garden lights

Garden Lighting Costs

The fitting of garden lighting will involve the safe siting of appropriate lights, and the placing of fully connected cabling...

Relocating a Boiler

Moving a Boiler

This article will detail the work required to move a boiler from one position to another. Boiler systems are intricate designs, and most parts...

build brick bbq

Building a Brick BBQ

This article will look at the work required to build a brick-based barbeque and the potential problems that can come of doing it...

drywalling cost

Cost of Drywalling a House

Drywall, also known as plasterboard or gypsum is an important part of your construction process. If you have decided to install drywall...

Unblocking a toilet

Unblocking a Blocked Toilet

Gather an understanding of what’s required to unblock a toilet that has become clogged with waste and determine the best methods for...

fitting hardwired smoke alarm

Hardwired Smoke Alarms

If you’re thinking of installing hardwired smoke alarms in your home or business you’ll find everything you need to know in...

outdoor tap cost

Installing an Outside Tap

Installing an outside tap can be very handy for gardening, washing your car, and even washing your windows. This article will...

dog kennel costs

Building a Dog Kennel

While there are many different sized dogs, this article will focus on building a kennel for a medium-sized dog. To make a similar...

garage door replacement cost

Replacing a Garage Door

The cost of replacement varies according to the types and styles of the garage doors and the materials needed for the procedure. The supply...

cost of parquet flooring

Installing Parquet Flooring

The traditional parquet design always adds a classic and contemporary twist to either your conventional or contemporary home...

cost of engineered wood floor

Engineered Wood Flooring

Installing engineered wood flooring is considered to be a sizable task that requires some tools that may not be found in a general toolbox...

replace kitchen cupboards

Replacing Kitchen Cupboards

A guide on how best to replace cupboards to give your kitchen a new and fresh look, including how much they cost to replace, what the job entails...

paint window frame cost

Painting Window Frames

To professionally paint window frames and leave a perfect finish, we’ll look at the methods used and the potential pitfalls of doing this...

cost of moving fireplace

Cost of Moving a Fireplace

It has become increasingly trendy to move fireplaces and is a practice that is now easier than ever before. There are many reasons...

remove hedge cost

Removing a Garden Hedge

Here, we’ll look at how to remove a hedge from an area of land and return it to a flat, grassed over condition. It will also look at...

remove japanese knotweed

Removing Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed is renowned as a problematic and tenacious plant, and removing it can be a complicated and time-consuming...

ceiling repair cost

Repair or Replace a Ceiling

Many people may refuse to buy an old property if it contains old ceilings. While they can be a costly job to replace or repair, the neglect...

cost of relocating staircases

Cost of Moving a Staircase

Today we use our homes differently than in the past. Moving your staircase may be a necessary measure to improve the design of your home...

cost of a stairlift

Installing a Stairlift

As we get older getting around some parts of our homes on our own can become more challenging. Installing a stairlift can...

thatched roof cost

Installing a Thatched Roof

There are over 60,000 thatched properties in Britain currently, and there can be no doubt that a well-maintained thatched roof can enhance...

replace toilet

Cost of Replacing a Toilet

Whether it's an old toilet in need of repairing, or if you feel as though your bathroom suite could do with a little modernisation. This guide should...

lay garden turf

Cost of Laying Garden Turf

Turf is the word we use to define the type of grass for a garden lawn. Lawn turf is usually used to create a functional space...

replace bath, sink and taps

Replace Your Bath, Sink & Taps

Improving or remodeling the bathroom, is one of the best ways to instantly increase your home’s value. Buyers are looking for upgraded...

load bearing wall removal cost

Remove a Load Bearing Wall

If you plan on removing interior walls from your home, simply forcing a sledgehammer through them, isn’t going to do the trick. You might’ve...

Installing a Resin Driveway

Cost of a Resin Bound Driveway

The average cost of installing a resin bound driveway will vary depending on a few factors. Typically, you can expect...

plastering over artex

Cost of Plastering Over Artex

Artex is a method of interior decorating, used to create patterned surfaces commonly found on ceilings and walls. This decorating technique...

conservatory cost

Building a Conservatory Cost

We’ll also look at topics such as how long this would take, what building a conservatory involves and whether or not you can undertake...

central heating cost

Installing Central Heating Cost

Central heating is a system designed to provide warmth (both to the air and water) of a home. Central heating is popular...

damp survey cost

Damp Survey Cost

In the following cost guide, we’ll break down how much you’ll need to pay to have a damp survey performed in a property...

skip hire cost

Skip Hire Cost

So, how much does skip hire cost in the UK? Firstly, the size of the skip and how long you need to rent it out for will...

upvc windows cost

Installing uPVC Windows Cost

Let’s first take a look at the average cost of fitting new uPVC windows. The price will vary depending on the type...

scaffolding hire cost

Scaffolding Hire Cost Cost

Whether you plan to hire scaffolding for DIY work on the outside of your house or as part of work performed by hired...