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fitting kitchen sink

Cost of Fitting a Kitchen Sink

If you need to install a new kitchen sink, proper fitting and placement are of a high degree of importance.

extractor fan installation cost

Extractor Fan Installation Cost

When it comes to the vent system, you might think you can easily replace or repair the extractor fan vent.

power shower installation

Power Shower Installation Cost

What exactly is the going rate to have a new power shower installed by a licensed plumber? And, is there a real difference between ...

new kitchen cost

Cost of Having a New Kitchen Fitted

Sure, your new kitchen suite will look great. But, what actually goes into making that dream space into a reality? Is it simply ...

install towel radiator cost

Cost of Installing a Towel Rail Radiator

A great addition to the bathroom is a towel rail radiator. It will help maintain the towels you use at a warm temperature ...

replace kitchen cupboard doors cost

Cost of Replacing Kitchen Cupboard Doors

In order to install new kitchen cupboard doors, you have to remove the old ones, but in some cases, you ...

cost of a new bathroom

Cost of Installing a New Bathroom

This article details the installation of a whole bathroom suite and examines the work that goes into carrying out this sizable task. While this...

cost of painting kitchen cupboards

Cost of Painting Kitchen Cupboards

This article will detail the work needed to refurbish kitchen cupboards by applying a good layer of paint to freshen them up. This is usually a...

replace kitchen worktops

Cost of Replacing Kitchen Worktops

A kitchen worktop is intended to expand workable space. Dicing, chopping, cutting, and meal-prep are all things you can do on a fully functional...

replace kitchen cupboards

Cost of Replacing Kitchen Cupboards

A guide on how best to replace cupboards to give your kitchen a new and fresh look, including how much they cost to replace, what the job entails...

replace toilet

Cost of Replacing a Toilet

Whether it's an old toilet in need of repairing, or if you feel as though your bathroom suite could do with a little modernisation. This guide should...