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How Much to Build a Garage?

A new garage costs on average £20,000 to build. This includes the cost of supplying the materials and paying a building company to carry out the work. In this article you'll find a breakdown of prices per square metre allowing you to quickly calculate an estimate for your new garage extension.

2-4 weeks
Avg price:

Garage Extension Cost

A new garage is a great addition to any home. It increases storage space, increases safety, and obviously gives you a safe place to park your cars at night. Even in safe neighbourhoods, a garage is an addition that truly improves your home and increases its value.

You might think putting up a few boards and designing a shed-like area for parking is easy enough. However, if not properly done, your DIY garage, will cause far more headaches, and end up costing you far more than you bargained for. So, hiring a professional is in your best interest, if you are considering this addition to your home.

What the job entails

Of course, the design of the garage is the first step. How many cars will it fit? Where do you want to place it, and do you want storage shelving installed? In addition to design, flooring material, leveling the surface, and clearing the space for installation, are all tasks which have to be undertaken, in designing and installing a new garage.

The building process also includes choosing the appropriate materials for the task at hand. You don’t want to choose the cheapest material to save on cost, simply to see your garage fall apart at the first sign of a major storm/weather. Therefore, structural and stability issues/concerns will go into the design and building phases, when constructing a new garage.

Aspects which go into Design/Building

Now that a design plan is in place, the construction can begin, right? Not necessarily. Contractors first have to level the ground where construction will take place. If not built on level ground, the foundation/garage can easily get damaged in no time at all.

The right materials have to be chosen for the construction as well. Is this going to be an attached or detached garage? If attached, it is important to determine where to attach it to the home, how to properly size the garage, and which surface/materials should be used, to attach it to the home.

Material costs, duration of the project, and possible setbacks also have to be accounted for, prior to any work taking place in the construction phase. These are a few of the many reasons to consider hiring a professional, rather than a simple DIY construction when it comes to adding a garage to your home.

Additional Jobs

Now might be the time to consider installing a new driveway or entryway for your home. Laying down bricks, or simply setting an epoxy coat, which you will place inside the garage, is best when completed at the same time as installation.

If you want to add lighting or electrical switches, this is also the time to consider performing these services. Contractors who will install the garage usually have the experience in performing this type of work as well, so it is a good time to consider installing new lighting, or additions to the area when you plan on installing the new garage.

If you will use the garage for storage, now is the time to add shelving, wiring, a toolshed, or other additions to the space. It is best to do everything at the same time, as it will decrease the time required to complete the job, and will also end up costing you less money to perform/purchase all equipment and tools in bulk, for a single project you plan on completing.

Costs and Durations

The cost of installing your new garage can be £10000, up to over £25000. If you wish to install a 3-car garage, this requires more space, materials, lighting, wiring, and of course manpower (labour), so you will pay alot more than the cost of a 1-car garage.

Cost of labour per day will typically run on average £100 per contractor bearing in mind general labourers are usually around £70 whilst a roofer or builder will charger £150. Depending on materials chosen for flooring, you are also looking at a minimum of £5000, even for a small garage space. If you choose to install lighting, work-sheds, or add shelving for storage, this is all going to increase the cost of the project.

In terms of how long it is going to take, you should expect, at a minimum, 2 weeks to complete the project. From the design phase to leveling the foundation, to installing the cement for the ground, and actual construction of the garage, this is not a small undertaking, and it will require several “wait” days. Basically, you won’t be able to work, step-on, or go near the construction, while cement is drying, or leveling projects are taking place.

The time will virtually depend on the size, type of flooring, and yes, the team you choose to hire for design and construction. Those with more experience will complete the job in less time, than a company which might charge a little less, but has less experience to perform services.

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