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Shed Assembly Prices

Find out how much it costs to build a shed in our quick and simple pricing guide. Here you'll find a list of shed installation prices for all types of shed. This way, anyone can determine an estimate for their new garden shed. The average cost for a new shed is roughly £600 which includes the cost of the shed itself and hiring a tradesman to carry out the work.

2-4 days
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How Much to Build a Shed?

A garden shed is a perfect storage solution outside your home. In some cases, it can be used as a garage. Installing a new garden shed, with concrete flooring, is a project that you can typically undertake as a DIY, or hire a tradesperson to complete.

Depending on the size, internal configurations, whether you plan on adding shelving and storage spaces, and other design elements you are considering, some projects might be too large to do yourself. So, before you attempt it, make sure you have a plan in place.

What the job entails

First off, the ground floor space has to be measured. If you want a 10X10 sq. metre shed, you need sufficient clearance on all four sides. Once measured, mark the perimeters of where the shed will be installed.

Purchasing cement which will fill the ground is the next step. You will likely have to dig into the ground, to create a flat base prior to pouring the cement. In this case, excavation equipment should be utilised to make the project faster. Cement mixers, and other heavy-duty equipment will allow you to complete the project quickly.

Tips for shed construction

The simple fact that mixers, digging equipment, leveling, and other similar tasks are required in building the shed, this project will take a minimum of 2-5 days to complete. For such reasons, it is best to hire a tradesperson to perform the project. You should leave the DIY project to building shelving, or other interior configurations you choose to do at a later date.

When choosing a tradesperson, make sure they have done similar jobs in the past. Compare, learn about their credentials, and consider the pricing (including discounts for materials), when they build your shed.

Consider the material finish you desire prior to beginning the design and installation. If you prefer a wood-grain material, decide how much this will increase the costs. Sometimes, vinyl, or a similar plastic-base material will look just as good and it will cost far less to install. Consider all material options, and keep your budget in mind, prior to starting any construction work.

Potential construction issues

A problem might come with wiring. A survey should be conducted where the construction will take place. If there are wires above, or below-ground, removing, or choosing a different location for your shed, might be a superior alternative. Wiring and electrical work can add up, so keep this in mind when surveying the land.

Consider possible issues with leveling or grounding of the shed. If your land is on a slope or hill, this can cause possible complications during installation. Most tradesmen can handle the problem, but it will take longer to assess and construct.

Issues with spacing or limited size can occur. If your yard or garden area is small, it can be a difficult undertaking to build a new shed. Consider all sizing issues, possibly scaling down, or removing some of the internal design elements you want to see, once your new shed is built.

Additional projects

If you plan on using the shed for a garage, add a designated parking area to the space. You can block this off, or add a perimeter/border around the space, where you limit the storage area of the new shed.

Additionally, consider all of the shelving, storage boxes, or other features prior to constructing the shed. With a plan in place, it is much easier to install the pieces, rather than try to add them as you go in the construction phase.

Doing landscape work or adding ornaments to your garden, is also a project you can undertake when installing your shed. If you want to create a cleaner, more uniform space, this is the perfect way to do so, and is best to complete when construction is taking place.

Costs & Duration

The time to build a shed will greatly depend on the size. For example, a 10X10 sq. metre shed requires digging, leveling, laying the cement base (and allowing it to dry), prior to constructing the shed. Further, if you want interior detail work, or storage additions added, this will increase the duration of the project. For a simple shed, set aside a minimum of 2-3 days. If you want to do additional work, 1-2 weeks might be more appropriate, if issues aren’t found prior to installation.

In terms of cost, you will pay £150-£200 daily for a tradesman’s labour. On top of this, the cost of the cement, materials, equipment, and of course the finishes and details you want to see in your shed, will increase prices. For this size shed, set aside a budget of £500 (or higher). Every contractor is different, so make sure you compare a few quotes prior to choosing one.

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