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Cost of Building a Porch

Want to know how much a new porch costs? The average cost for a new porch is roughly £3000. This includes the cost of materials and hiring a building company to carry out the work. Here you'll find a list of new porch prices for different styles and sizes. You can also calculate a estimate from our cost per square metre making it easy to determine the rough figure for your porch extension.

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How Much Does a Porch Cost?

Building a porch is a great addition, for virtually any property. It will increase the curb appeal of any home. It will increase the sq. metre usable space, and it is a simple way to increase enjoyability of the property, with a simple addition.

With this construction comes several implications. How long will it take to build and how much will it cost? Is there major upkeep-work I will have to do? How about cleaning, wood rotting, and damage? If you are asking any of these questions, let's delve further into the construction of this addition, and how it will greatly improve your home in no time.

What the job entails

A new porch requires the initial design stages. From choosing the material to adding finishes, covering, and deciding whether or not you are going to add lawn & garden features (plants, trees, etc.). Therefore, the first step it to contact a tradesperson who does design and construction work, rather than simply building a new porch.

In addition to the design, you have to determine if there are property restrictions in place and zoning restrictions where you live. Setting aside a budget, and the requisite amount of time to complete the construction, are also aspects you must account for if you are considering building a new porch to add to the front of your home.

Things to Consider

If you have chosen to build a porch, installing flowers, trees, and performing additional landscape work, might also be some of the projects you choose to undertake. It is easier to do everything at the same time, and it will take less time and should be cheaper as well.

If you choose to replace doors, install new screening, or perform other home-additions, this might be the appropriate time to do this work as well. Contractors who build porches, also have access to other construction projects and are typically experienced with addition-installation. It is worth discussing additional services at this time, rather than doing each design project individually.

Painting, and purchasing new furniture for space, is also appropriate to do at this time. Since the construction is taking place, many contractors will offer painting, siding, and other improvement services to customers as well. If you have been considering such improvements to the home, this is the perfect time to do it all and save on the overall cost of these improvements at the same time.


If dealing with limited space, you might consider a gazebo design instead. These take far less space, you don’t have to construct them, and they come in a variety of shapes/sizes, allowing you to choose something which goes well with your home and décor.

Another option might be simply to build a cover, or screened in area, and place it at the front of the home. This is a good option if you want to sit outside during warm weather, or when it is raining, but don’t want to have to deal with foundation, construction, and other aspects of installing a new porch.

“Pop-up” housing or tents are yet another option many homeowners might consider. These are far cheaper, they are easy to store when not in use, and if you do not want to deal with construction and lengthy projects, this might be a suitable alternative to consider.

Depending on how you plan on utilising the space, there are alternatives to consider, rather than building and installing a new porch. These are some of the options homeowners can choose from, for a lower cost, and shorter project duration.

Potential Problems

One area of concern is zoning/home additions. Depending on the area you live, there may be certain building codes and regulations in place. It is best to determine them early on, and learn about ways to get around these restrictions if you wish to add a porch to the front of your home.

Materials might also be an issue which presents themselves during construction. If you are choosing rare, or hard to find, ornate furniture or materials, keep in mind that this will not only cost more but might also take more time to ship/make. Therefore, this will extend the time it takes to finish the project and will increase the overall cost of the project to install a new porch outside of your home.

Financial issues and time-constraints should be accounted for. Depending on the size of the new porch, details in design, or other elements which will go into the project and construction, homeowners should account for each of these aspects, when they choose to build a new porch to improve the curb-appeal, and overall enjoyability, of their property.

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