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Carpet Cleaning Prices

How much you pay to have your carpet professionally cleaned will depend on the size and current condition. We estimate that it costs around £150-£500 to clean the carpets in the average home. This price is based on the average sized home but some professional carpet cleaners will quote a price based on a cost per square metre.

To calculate the overall cost of having your carpet cleaned you will need to multiply the cost per square metre by the size of your home or negotiate an hourly rate. To ensure you are paying the best possible price you should get multiple carpet cleaning quotes from local cleaners.

1-2 days
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How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

Cleaning your carpet isn’t expensive, right? Well, that depends. You can have it professionally steam-cleaned, with the latest cleaners and cleaning agents. You can have spot-cleaning done on a small area. Or, you can have dee-cleaning performed, on highly soiled carpets.

Of course, the type of carpet you have, and cleaning method chosen, will have a great effect on price. For the labour, to clean your home, expect to pay £150-£300 with most carpet cleaning companies. Then, for 1-3 room homes, you might pay anywhere between £300-£500.

Then there is the actual material of your carpeting. An industrial-grade carpet, versus a plush-carpet, is going to incur different forms of treatment. Soaking, pre-soaking, jetting, spraying, or additional services might be required, prior to the actual cleaning. All of this will result in higher costs, more labour, and different service needs.

What the job entails

A carpet cleaning company will first visit your home. They will assess the carpet, soiled areas, the type of stains, or if there is simply high-traffic and heavy dirt throughout. From there, they will inform you of the cleaning options. Steam, spot, “green,” cleaning, and so forth. Depending on the size of the home, size of the carpeted areas, and the type of cleaning chosen, costs will greatly differ.

If your carpet is extremely soiled many professionals might suggest replacing it. Not only will it end up costing less, but there are certain stains which simply will never come out. Rug protection products, and other cleaning agents can also be used on carpets, to help prevent future stains. Discuss all of these factors prior to having your carpets cleaned.

Potential issues while cleaning carpets

The issue of certain stains is one you simply can’t get around. Wine, chocolate, even some set-in dirt stains, are going to be difficult, if not impossible to get out. Your cleaning professionals should inform you of this, the methods they will attempt to use, and also the potential or likely outcome, when they clean your carpets.

Another issue is damage. If the carpet is greatly worn, or is very old, the underlay might be damaged. If this is the case, and you have washed the carpet one too many times, you can end up damaging, or completely tearing the carpet up. Again, this is a risk you run with cheaper carpeting, or with carpet that has been in your home for several years. So, make sure you find out whether or not you should clean, or consider the option to replace carpeting.

Other services to complete

Cleaning the furniture is a great project you might want to do when cleaning the carpets. Many professionals that offer carpet cleaning, also do upholstery cleaning. So, they can clean your sofa, linens, pillow, and even drapes. Steam-cleaning solutions are a great way to freshen up the room, and also to fully get rid of dirt and bacterial build-up in your home.

If you have tile, hardwood, or other flooring, consider having it polished. Many companies also do general floor cleaning. This can include waxing, polishing, surfacing, or simply steam-cleaning these surfaces. Why not freshen up the entire home, when you are going to clean the carpets. Not only will the home feel cleaner, you are going to notice a great difference in the fresh air you can breathe, once all of the bacteria is removed from your home.

Learn about green cleaning agents. Many companies offer services which rely on cleaning solutions which are chemical free. If you don’t want these harsh chemicals in the home, if you have kids or pets, this is an alternative approach to getting the home clean, all while ensuring your carpets are going to be stain-free after they are serviced.


In terms of the duration to complete your carpet cleaning, this will usually take 1-2 days. This is namely because you can’t step on the carpet, or enter the room after cleaning, for several hours. So, you won’t be able to go in the room, or put furniture in that room, until the floors are completely dried, otherwise it can compromise the cleaning services (and certain stains can resurface).

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