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Chimney Sweep Cost

Do you want to know how much it costs to sweep your chimney? The cost of having your chimney swept will depend on your location and when the last time you had your chimney cleaned was. On average you should hire a chimney sweeper every 2 years as a minimum.

Knowing the average price of having your chimney cleaned means you can accept the best quote. It’s important that you know that these prices are estimates based on averages and there are many factors that influence the cost of having your chimney swept.

2-4 hours
Avg price:

How Much Does a Chimney Sweep Cost?

The cost of cleaning your chimney will depend on the size of the chimney, height of the roof, and of course the rates the chimney sweep you hire charges. Most sweeps will charge a flat rate per hour, of anywhere from £40-80. Most chimneys can be swept within an hour or two, given there isn’t major smoot/smog, or another blockage which is present.

Smoot, smog, and black marks on the home’s exterior are just a few of the possible problems you face if you don’t have your chimney swept routinely. There is also the risk of fire damage, and smoke inhalation, which are far more severe consequences of a dirty chimney.

Sure, having a chimney is a nice addition to any home. But, like anything else, you have to properly maintain it. This includes having it swept and cleaned on a routine basis, especially if you use the chimney on a regular basis.

Why Have Your Chimney Sweeped

Cleanliness is the first thing that comes to mind; but, it is not the most important. Smoke inhalation, smog, and possible fire damage are far more important reasons to have your chimney professionally swept at least every 6 months.

Keep in mind that animal droppings can also get in the chimney, and the possibility of dead animals getting caught in the chimney is always possible. If you don’t have it cleaned routinely, you will have those horrible smells, and contaminants, living in your home until you choose to do so.

What The Job Entails

Most chimney sweeps will sweep/clean the interior walls of your chimney. They will remove obstructions, remove leaves, twigs, and branches as well. A professional chimney sweep will also check for damage or dangerous obstructions, which can lead to possible fire damage in your home.

If replacement is necessary or repair work has to be done, a professional chimney sweep can also diagnose/inform you of such issues. If nothing else, having your chimney swept and properly maintained, will help with clean air flow in the home, help reduce heating/cooling bills, and will help eliminate foul odours from your home.

Additional Jobs

If there is damage to the bricks or even the siding of the chimney, many professional chimney sweeps can perform general repair work. This is usually in the form of replacing a few bricks or leveling exterior surfaces.

For older chimneys, you might be considering a new, up-to-date exterior. Whether you want a different colour, material finish, or design elements added, when you contact a chimney sweep, this might be the best time to discuss design work which can be performed.

If there is roof damage or gutter cleanup which has to be completed, a chimney sweep can also inform you of such services. Even if they don’t perform such repairs, they will at least inform you of potential issues, threats, or danger, if such services have to be completed on the home’s roof/surrounding area.


If you have your chimney swept every 4-6 months, this is the best way to ensure optimal maintenance, cleanliness, and help prevent major damage from occurring to the home’s chimney.

In most instances, a professional chimney sweep can complete cleaning services in 1-2 hours. For larger/wider chimneys, it might take a little more time, if they have to extensively scrub the interior walls.

With professional-grade scrubbers, most sweeps will complete interior cleaning quickly when servicing your home. If they have to replace bricks or perform additional exterior services to the chimney, this will, of course, extend the duration of the service time required for completion.

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