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loft conversion cost

Loft Conversion

A loft conversion is a great addition to any home. A great game room for the kids, a sleeping space for guests, or simply using it for storage, ...

basement conversion cost

Converting a Basement

If you want to instantly increase your home’s value, convert the basement to usable/livable space. Make it a game-room, use it as a guest-room ...

load bearing wall removal cost

Remove a Load Bearing Wall

If you plan on removing interior walls from your home, simply forcing a sledgehammer through them, isn’t going to do the trick. You might’ve...

Cost of Stud Wall

Stud Wall Cost

You’ll find this article very useful if you intend to have stud walls installed in your home. Stud walls are...

Cost of Installing an RSJ

Installing an RSJ Cost

Do you plan on having rolled steel joists (RSJ) fitted on your property? Would you like to know how much...

Cost of a Prefabricated Home Cost

Prefabricated Home Cost

Are you considering having a prefab home constructed? Would you like an idea of prices based on different materials, quality, and...

Cost to remove a partition wall

Partition Wall Removal Cost

Want to know how much it costs to have a partition wall removed? In this article we’ll break down the cost of removing a partition wall based...