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Cost of Replacing a Door Lock

The cost of hiring a locksmith to replace a door lock depends on your door type, lock type and your location. On average the price for replacing a door lock starts at £100.

Some Locksmiths will negotiate a lower price if you have multiple door locks that need replacing. To get the best price, you should get multiple quotes from qualified locksmiths. The average locksmith will charge around £200 per day, this combined with the cost of your locks should allow you to estimate an overall cost of your project.

1-3 hours
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How Much Does Door Lock Replacement Cost?

The cost to replace door locks will vary in every home. For instance, if you simply choose a cheap lock and key set, you will pay £100 for the labour, and price for the installation. If you are choosing to upgrade the entire home, replace and install new locks throughout, and with to integrate a new security system, this cost can easily rise to over £1000 in some homes.

On average, you will pay a flat rate for labour, anywhere between £100-200 per home/day.

Replacing locks on your doors is a project best left to a locksmith. Reason being is that they have various lock options, can perform services such as rekeying, or can provide integrative systems, and alarm monitoring options, for the entire home.

When the time comes to replace dated locks or afford increased security in your home, there are a number of unique lock systems to choose from. In preparing to replace the locks on the doors of your home, these are a few of the many things you should consider as a homeowner when choosing a locksmith.

What Replacing a Door Lock Entails

Replacing old locks requires removal of the old locks, determining which lock mechanisms will best secure your home, and install the new locks. Depending on whether you choose something like electronic locks and keypads, or fingerprint technology scanners, or simply and lock and key set for the doors, you want to discuss the different options with your locksmith.

Once determined which system will be installed throughout your home, the removal and replacement process can begin. In most homes, the system is quite simple for a licensed locksmith to complete in the home. They will remove the old lock, properly dispose of it, install wiring (if required for fingerprint scanners or security systems), and install the new key set.

Potential Lock Replacement Issues

Possible issues when replacing the old lock and key set typically come when installing electronic systems or new security systems. Options such as biometric scanners, which rely on fingerprint scanning, require extreme upgrades. Especially if there are more than one person’s fingerprints you want to save. When wiring the home for security systems, older homes might also run into the issue of code/compliance issues with wiring.

Issues with broken doors, damaged doors, or lock-jamming, are also possible issues which might arise during the replacement/removal, and new installation. For these reasons, it is best to hire a professional locksmith, who has the right tools and equipment to deal with these issues as they arise, rather than purchase a cheap doorknob, and try to install it yourself.

Other Projects to Complete

When replacing the locks, this might be a time to consider replacing the doors. If you wish to install glass entry systems or replace the damaged wood door that’s been in your home for years, this is the time to do so. The lock will be directly installed into the new door if you choose to perform these services.

If you are considering finishing the doors, polishing, or painting them, this is also the ideal time to do so. Performing this work after the new lock system is in place, will ensure even, smooth, and “brand-new” looking doors, without the chips/cracks left behind by the locksmith.

If you wish to integrate a whole-home security system, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. You have the locksmith, they have the appropriate technologies with biometric scanning, so why not kill two birds with one stone? In addition to knowing how to install the system, they can also offer to advise, or inform you of the different options available to you, with the specific lock and key set you choose for the new doors you are installing. This will result in the safest set, and also proper installation of the new system, and full integration services, once the new lock and key set is installed.

Lock Replacement Timeframes

Most replacement services will not take longer than 1 day. If, however, you are installing a new security system, this project can take a few days to complete. So, keep in mind that the level of security chosen, the integrity of the system, and the complexity of possible wiring, and high-tech installations, will increase the cost for the project, and will obviously take more time to complete installing the new door and lock replacement sets in the home.

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