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Cost of Dropping a Kerb

The average cost of dropping a kerb in the UK is £1000. This price may vary depending on location, number of kerbs and the size of the pavement but does work as a good estimate.

How much you pay to get a kerb dropped may be affected by your local council. To calculate the overall costs, you should work out the size of the kerb you need dropping and get in touch. Alternatively, you need to get a quote from a kerb dropping specialist.

5-7 days
Avg price:

How Much Does It Cost to Drop a Kerb?

When installing a drop kerb, the flat price for labour is approximately £150-250 daily. For two kerbs, spaced 6 metres or less, the price will range from £300-350. The duration of placing the drop kerb will typically take less than 1-week to complete. Anywhere from 5-7 days, is usually sufficient for smaller homes, or driveways, which aren’t intended for use in a commercial manner.

Of course, the price per drop kerbs can increase or decrease based upon the contractor which is hired. And, the duration can last longer, in the event where work is being done, and more than two drop kerbs are required, for the safe entry and exit of large vehicles onto the roadway.

A dropped kerb basically allows your vehicle to drive from your driveway, onto the street. It is a barrier which serves as cross-pavement, for vehicles to safely transition, without damaging the curb, sidewalks, or the owner’s vehicle.

Dropping a kerb is typically not a task which a homeowner can, or should, attempt to undertake. It requires a degree of precision, proper alignment, and it requires the use of the right tools and equipment, to ensure a level surface once the kerb is dropped. Installing a dropped kerb for vehicle access should be performed by a licensed professional.

What Dropping a Kerb Entails

If there is a footway in place, between your home/driveway and the street, it is highly likely that you need a drop kerb installed. Kerbs are replaced with lower units, and slanted kerbs to either side of the dropping when a new construction is being placed on the driveway.

If driving a heavy/commercial vehicle, the installation of a commercial kerb may be required on the property. This will require reinforced, sturdier finished materials.

Problems With Installing a Kerb

The issue of zoning and possible licensing and permits is one of the most common issues you will run into with this type of project. Many wonder if the kerb belongs to the home or the city/municipality after installation. These are all issues which will arise, that a homeowner should be aware of when they choose to have this project completed outside of their home.

Of course, the potential problem of improper placement, or sizing issues, are present when dealing with this type of project as well. For such reasons, it is important to compare local specialists, to learn about their experience, and to ensure you are hiring the best people to complete this type of project outside of the home.

Other Projects To Complete

If you wish to pave or repave your driveway, this might be the time to do this work. As you already have the specialists in place, you should consider performing all of the work at once, to bring down the cost of the project.

If you need leveling or foundation work done outside of the home, this is also an issue which can be resolved when installing a drop kerb. Not only do these contractors have experience with leveling projects, they will have the equipment, and the proper personnel in place to perform or address the issues you see on your property.

Potentially doing landscape or gardening work is another project you might choose to undertake when installing the drop kerb on the exterior of your property. If you wish to plant trees, or other landscaping design elements, you can do all of these services, while working on the home’s exterior. Even smaller projects like painting, or pressure washing the driveway, are projects that can be undertaken at the time of, or directly after, you install the drop kerb outside of the property.

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