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Electrician Jobs

install ceiling fan

Cost of Installing a Ceiling Fan

Although not complex, if not properly undertaken, installing a new ceiling fan can turn into a mini-DIY disaster. Because there is wiring.

replace fusebox cost

Cost of Replacing a Fuse Box

Replacing a fuse box or consumer unit is a no-brainer, right? Yes; but this is only if you are replacing the fuse box.

install led lighting

Installing LED Lighting

LED lights are a major upgrade in the home. They use less electricity, so your bills are lower each month.

move light switch or socket

Cost of Moving a Light Socket

The cost of moving a light socket or switch isn’t all you should concern yourself with as a homeowner. There is the headache ...

fitting hardwired smoke alarm

Hardwired Smoke Alarms Cost

If you’re thinking of installing hardwired smoke alarms in your home or business you’ll find everything you need to know in...

cost of a stairlift

Stairlift Cost

As we get older getting around some parts of our homes on our own can become more challenging. Installing a stairlift can remove the concern that...

Cost of installing a new plug socket

New Plug Socket Cost

Installing a new plug socket is a simple and effective way of increasing your properties power source in a particular area. In most cases, this...

Cost of installing an outdoor plug socket

Installing an Outdoor Socket

External electrical sockets can be an extremely useful addition to any household. Installed correctly, they give you the ability to power...

Cost of an electrical safety certificate

Electrical Safety Certificate Cost

Whether you need a landlord electrical safety certificate or an EICR you are going to need to hire a qualified electrician. How much...

Cost of rewiring a house

Cost of Rewiring a House

Is your property more than thirty years old? If so, you may want to consider having your entire rewired if you have not done so already...

Home Security Cost

Home Security Cost

A home security system can cost a lot of money, but it could also save your precious items from being stolen and give you peace of mind...

solar panel Cost

Cost of Installing Solar Panels

Solar panel installation in the UK is increasing faster than any other European country, with the popularity of solar for energy...