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garage building cost

Cost of Building a Garage

A new garage is a great addition to any home. It increases storage space, increases safety, and obviously gives you a safe place to ...

porch building cost

Cost of Building a Porch

Building a porch is a great addition, for virtually any property. It will increase the curb appeal of any home. It will ...

outbuilding extension cost

Cost of Building an Outbuilding

An outbuilding or garden-shed, are perfect additions to a home. You can use it for storage. You can use it for a kids play area.

fixing subsidence cost

Cost Of Repairing Subsidence

This article will detail the steps that you need to take to fix subsidence once that you have recognised that the condition...

build brick bbq

Cost Of Building a Brick BBQ

This article will look at the work required to build a brick-based barbeque and the potential problems that can come of doing it...

garage door replacement cost

Cost of Replacing a Garage Door

The cost of replacement varies according to the types and styles of the garage doors and the materials needed for the procedure. The supply...

house survey cost

Cost of a House Survey

Surveying a home is done for various reasons. If you plan on selling the home, many buyers might request for you to have it surveyed prior to...

repointing brick wall cost

Cost of Repointing a Brick Wall

Countless homeowners will have a brick wall or a form of masonry, somewhere on their property. While bricks and stone are solid, sturdy...

conservatory cost

Building a Conservatory Cost

We’ll also look at topics such as how long this would take, what building a conservatory involves and whether or not you can undertake...

damp survey cost

Skip Hire Cost

So, how much does skip hire cost in the UK? Firstly, the size of the skip and how long you need to rent it out for will...

Building a Rear Extension Cost

Cost of a Rear Extension

Whether you plan to have a rear extension installed or are considering the possibility, this cost guide will prove very useful...

Cost of Kitchen Extension

Kitchen Extension Cost

>In the following cost guide, we’ll explore topics such as how much the different types and sizes of kitchen...

£1200-£2000 pm2
Cost of a Single-storey Extension

Single-storey Extension Cost

Building an extension is an excellent way for families to get more space from their homes without moving. Adding an extension...

Cost of Building a Side Extension

Side Extension Cost

Are you thinking of having a side extension added to your home? Want to know how much this should be priced at? In the following guide...

The Cost of Building a Double-Storey Extension

Double-storey Extension Cost

Thinking of having a double-storey extension constructed? In the following guide, we’ll look at the costs of installing a new double...