Cost of Fitting Fence Panels

A guide of the process of hiring a tradesman to fit fence panels, including the costs of labour and materials.

3-7 days
Avg price:


If you want to have fence panels fitted outside your yard, a fencing contractor is the best option to consider. Even if it is a smaller fence, you don’t want to improperly level the ground, place the panels, or otherwise perform improper services when trying to install fencing panels yourself.

Cedar wood, metal, aluminum, or other wood-grain materials are available for fence paneling. Again, contractors who specialise with this type of work, are not only equipped to perform fitting, but also have the personnel in place to assist them in installing the new panels and fencing.

What the job entails

Initially, they will survey your property. This will help determine the size of the panels required, how many are needed, where to place them, how to place them in the ground, and so forth. Additionally, in certain areas, there are restrictions to materials, height, and other variables. The survey will provide all details required, so the contractors can eventually install the fence panels.

Once size and fit are determined, you will decide on the material option of choice for your new fence panels. The material will greatly dictate overall pricing, so keep this in mind as you are comparing options. If you want security features added, or something like electrical wiring, this will also be included in the quote to install the new fencing and panels.

Possible complications

The issues dealing with zoning might come into place in some homes. If you live in an area with restrictions, maybe you can only choose certain materials or colours. In other instances, there are restrictions on the height, direction, or even the placement of the paneling. So, this should all be discussed prior to installation, so you avoid fees or penalties locally. In some cases, finances will complicate things. If there are problems below ground, issues with wiring, or if a survey shows there are possible implications with digging (wiring or electrical work), this can complicate things. You might have to move your plans, change material options, consider a different fencing option, and so forth.

If you choose a custom fence, the paneling is also custom designed. So, this can result in delivery delays, or other issues with sizing, pricing, and placement. When choosing a contractor to work with, you should discuss all of these issues, so that you fully understand what will go into the installation, and which possible setbacks or complications might present themselves at any given time in the process.

Tips for new installation

Make sure you fully prepare your yard prior to survey. Clean it up, remove obstructions, do yard work prior. You can save a great deal of time, and money, if the contractors do not have to do this for you, prior to installation. So, if possible, take some time to do the cleanup and the landscaping work to the yard, before you call the companies who will install the fencing.

Choose wisely. Not only the material and the colour, but also placement and height. Remember, once it is installed and affixed to your property, it is going to be hard to change. so, consider a few options prior to installing. You can go through the details, look at colours, and see how different things are going to look in the yard. Talk to your contractor and ask for suggestions, as they can possibly show you cheaper alternatives, or something additional you are not thinking of.

Also consider the security. Sure, you want to install something that is going to look great. At the same time, you want it to block out noise, intruders, and other possible threats. So, make sure you consider all of this while you are determining how and where to install the new fence panels.

Costs & Duration

Costs will include the land survey, doing work below ground, drilling, digging, installation, and the cost of materials. With most contractors, a fee for labour of about £200 will be charged daily. In addition to this, you could pay for a survey, which can run £100 or higher. From there, the cost will truly depend on the materials you have decided upon for your new fence being installed.

In terms of timing, it can take as little as a couple of days, to over a week. If ordering custom materials, it will take longer to ship and make. If you need to do work below ground, this will increase project duration. Setbacks are common with these types of projects, so make sure you do include this into the project completion time, which the contractor tells you it will take to install the fence panels.