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Cost of Laying Flooring

Do you want to know how much new flooring costs? The average cost of flooring installation is between £150 and £500 depending on your location, material and the square meterage that you need to cover. This will decide how many days your flooring installer will need to be there.

This estimate is based on lower-end flooring as some high end engineered wood can reach prices into the thousands. A competent flooring installer will calculate how many square metres of flooring you need and provide you with a quote for the flooring plus their labour.

1-3 days
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How Much Does Flooring Installation Cost?

When installing flat flooring, pricing will depend on the material choice, and how many planks/pieces are required during installation. If you choose to hire a contractor, you are likely to pay £100-£150 or more per labour cost, daily. In addition to this, you can find vinyl or artificial wood planks for as little as £10 per piece if purchased in bulk. Depending on the number of planks required, a room which is 10 sq. metres in size, might cost £250-£300 if you hire a professional.

If you choose to do it yourself, keep in mind that if you don’t perfectly fit the flooring, issues with shifting, or even aesthetic issues will arise. But, this will only cost you the materials (flooring and possibly glue); this project for a similar sized room, will run anywhere from £100-£200 for a DIY Project (when done properly).

When fitting flat flooring in a home, there is the obvious decision of the material you desire. Loose lay vinyl planks, wood-based, or other plastic-based materials are available. With this in mind, it isn’t simply about choosing a material which fits the space.

How many sq. metres is the room? Do you have the proper leveling/foundation in place to ensure proper fit and avoid movement? You also want to know whether or not restrictions are in place, depending on where the home is built, or what materials are below-ground, prior to beginning the installation.

What Installing Flooring Entails

Like any other flooring material, when fitting flat flooring, the first step is to assess the space. You have to measure it in sq. metres, determine if you are installing wall-to-wall, and determine which materials will look best in the space.

Once sizing is attained, leveling work might be required. If the floor isn’t even, if there is a steep or dip in the ground, or if other defects exist, these have to be dealt with. Then, depending on the material chosen, the foundation, filler, or binding agents, have to be placed on the ground, prior to placing the flooring material over it.

Possible Issues When Fitting Flooring

In fitting a room for flat flooring, some issues may arise in certain homes. If there is a dip, if the floor isn’t level, or if it isn’t entirely flat, these issues have to be dealt with first. Leveling, installing a base under the home, or performing foundation work, may be among the many steps taken by contractors.

In addition to this issue, limited material options might be present. Depending on the home, where it is located, and the type of flooring which was present prior to installation of the flat flooring, certain restrictions may exist in the options available to you when installing new floors. Discuss these with your contractors, to determine the best approach, and ensure proper fit with the right flooring.

Proper placement of the flat flooring is a must. Whether it is vinyl planks with a glue-base, or wood-grain pieces which lock into place, if they aren’t perfectly aligned and attached, the flooring will move. Therefore, it is important to ensure no deviations are present, no divots, or other defects are found on the ground level. This should be assessed prior to installation taking place.

Other Projects To Complete

If there are foundation issues, this is the time to address them. Prior to installation, the floor should be even, and flat. This not only ensures proper fit of the new flat flooring, but also eliminates potential issues with your home sloping or otherwise shifting in the future (which will end up costing far more to fix at a later date).

If you plan on painting a room, adding new furniture, or installing lighting/wiring, this is also the perfect time to do these projects. Even if it is a small DIY project, you might as well address the entire room at once, as opposed to doing each project individually. This will allow you to enjoy the room fully once new flooring is in place, and use it in the intended manner immediately.

Flooring Installation Timeframes

In terms of timing, a small room can take anywhere from 2-5 hours, if no additional foundation or leveling work is necessary. In the event these tasks are required, set aside a minimum of 2-3 days for completion when installing the new flooring.

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