Cost of Fitting Gutter Leaf Guards

A guide of the process of hiring a tradesman to install gutter leaf guards, including the costs of labour and materials.

2-5 hours
Avg price:


As the name implies, gutter leaf guards will block leaves from entering your gutters and obstructing the flow of water. They will help keep the gutters clean, and ensure proper water flow when it rains.

Gutter guards also have to be the right size, based on your gutter system and materials. They also have to be properly fitted, otherwise, they are rendered useless, and can do more harm than good in attempting to protect the gutters.

What the job entails

The first thing is to determine the size of the guards required. Depending on the material of your gutters, placement, and where the guards will be placed, every home will require a different guard system to be installed.

Once material, size, and placement are addressed, cleaning the gutters should be done prior to installation. This not only eliminates buildup and dirt, but guarantees nothing is caught, which can compromise your gutters, and the gutter leaf guards, which are being placed on the gutters.

Potential installation issues

The issue of proper sizing and placement is of major concern. Especially if you want to try to install them yourself, it is imperative that they are exactly placed. If not, the leaf guards won’t work, and can potentially damage or deteriorate your gutters. This is why it is best to hire a professional to install them.

If gutters are damaged or broken, this can also lead to problems if not addressed prior to installing the leaf guards. If you simply want to save money and don’t address the repairs, this will end up costing you more in the future. In the event damage is found, it is best to repair or replace the gutters before you install the lead guards.

The quality of the leaf guards is another area of concern. If you are extremely cheap, and simply by the lowest price guards, without reading reviews or learning about quality/material, this can be the worst alternative than not having the leaf guard installed at all. It is best to pay a little more up front for quality, to ensure the leaf guards are going to do what they are intended to do on your gutter system.

Other projects to complete

If the gutters are damaged, or if you have been considering replacing your gutter system, this is the perfect time to do the work. Not only will you have newly installed leaf guards to help prevent clogs, you will also have a brand new gutter system which will last in your home for several years to come.

If there is water damage to siding, or the interior walls/roof, this is the right time to fix these issues as well. Hiring a roofer, or a siding specialist is the best approach to addressing these concerns. They not only provide the best approach for repair but can also provide you with advice on how to prevent future deterioration or water damage going forward.

If you want to install or repair siding, or do other aesthetic work around the gutter system, roof, or siding, you can discuss these projects with the contractor you are hiring to do the gutter system installation. Many times they can offer these services at a discount price, and they can perform them simultaneously, so it will not take as long to complete the project.

Costs & Duration

The installation of gutter guards shouldn’t take a professional more than a couple of hours to place on your gutter system. The actual cost of gutter leaf guards is as low as £15-30 per guard. With the rate for labour, you shouldn’t pay more than £150-£200 to install and affix the new leaf guards over your gutters.

If repair work is being completed, or if you are also installing new gutters, keep in mind this can greatly increase the rate which you will pay for the services. Or, if conducting other repair work to siding, or your home’s roof, the costs will obviously increase as well. If you choose to hire one contractor for all of these services, it will take anywhere from 1-2 days. The costs might range anywhere between £250-£500, depending on the severity of damage, and the type of repair work they are going to do, prior to installing the leaf guards.