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Cost of a Replacement Kitchen Sink

Are you considering installing a new sink? If you would like to hire a specialist to fit your kitchen sink, it will cost on average, £150-£200 in labour. Remember this is an estimate and how much you pay will depend on the current condition, sink type, location and other factors.

The price quoted won't include a sink unless this is previously discussed, you will need to supply your own sink or ask the tradesman to provide one for you.

2-4 hours
Avg price:

How Much Does It Cost To Install a New Kitchen Sink?

If you hire a plumber, fitting a new sink shouldn’t take more than a few hours. They will remove the old sink, fit the new one, attach plumbing, and ensure running water. The project cost will run £100-£150 for the cost of labour, plus the price of your new sink.

Costs reach much higher levels when issues arise. Problems with plumbing, installing new piping, possibly repairing or replacing a water heater, are always potential areas of concern. Therefore, these should be fully addressed, before you choose to have any work done in the home. Not only do you know exactly what the work is going to cost you when hiring a plumber, but also to ensure you can afford the price of these additional projects, so as to avoid having to leave certain work to be conducted at a later date.

If you need to install a new kitchen sink, proper fitting and placement are of a high degree of importance. Just imagine if it is even a slight distance from where it should be placed, you can run into plumbing problems, or issues with the cracks, breaking, or leaks.

For such reasons, fitting the kitchen sink correctly is a job you shouldn’t take lightly when the time comes to replace your old sink. Fitting a new sink isn’t as simple as buying a sink which fits in the hole where the old one was removed. Let’s look at what is required.

What Installing a Kitchen Sink Entails

When replacing your sink, you obviously have to choose a new sink which will fit where the old one was located. However, there are other issues to consider. You have to make sure there is sufficient clearance below for plumbing lines and pipe. You have to consider sealing/bonding agents, wood panels, or other additions which will border the new sink.

If you plan on installing a larger (or smaller) sink, you also have to appropriately measure all spaces, to ensure the new sink can be fitted and affixed into the space. When performing these tasks, measurements are extremely important. Even a difference in .02 versus .03 can make a huge difference and can ruin an otherwise simple replacement and new sink installation.

Potential Problems

If there is major plumbing work or huge pipes below the sink, you have to be extremely careful when replacing the sink. If this is the case, hiring a licensed plumber might be the right option. Not only will they guarantee not to move, break, or otherwise damage the piping, but they have the right equipment to properly install the new sink in place as well.

If you are installing a sink which is different in size than the one you previously had, an issue with hot/cold water lines might ensue. Further, you might have to install additional fixtures or plumbing lines, if there are a removable faucet head, or other stream/pressure settings. Again, these are projects which are best undertaken by a licensed plumber.

Hot and cold water line issues might come into play when installing your new sink. If you accidentally move pipes, damaged pipes, or otherwise alter the piping system, this can result in damage to your plumbing systems. So, these projects should be conducted with a high degree of precision and care, avoid major damage when replacing the old sink, and fitting in a new one.

Other Projects to Consider

If you want to upgrade your sink, there are great options. Some with a sprinkle or trickle features, removable heads, additional compartments, and so forth. Before you fit the space, consider the sinks, and upgrades you want, so you can choose the right sink for the space, and one which is truly going to stand out in your new kitchen.

If plumbing work has to be conducted throughout the home, or if you have a dated water heater you haven’t looked at in decades, this might be the time to have a plumber check these things for you as well. Not only will they inform you if the new sink is compatible and can be connected to your kitchen, but also if you are due for a new heater, or if additional plumbing work has to be conducted throughout the home.

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