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Cost of Installing Fitted Wardrobes

This guide will help you choose the right fitted wardrobes, as well as you off the supply, labour, and installation costs as well as any other expenses associated with installing fitted wardrobes.

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Avg price:
£1250 - £1750

Introduction to Installing Fitted Wardrobes Cost

Fitted wardrobes are the perfect solution for maximising space, as they are typically fixed into a wall, with fitted bedroom wardrobes being the most popular option, although they are also a great storage solution for living room spaces.

Fitted wardrobes come in a variety of designs and shapes, so you are guaranteed to find something that fits with your décor.

This guide will help you choose the right fitted wardrobes, as well as you off the supply, labour, and installation costs as well as any other expenses associated with installing fitted wardrobes.

How Much Does it Cost to Install Fitted Wardrobes?

The average fitted wardrobe installation cost ranges from £580 to £2900, however, this price may increase if you opt for a custom-build fitted wardrobe with intricate designs and added extras.

The overall price will also depend on the type of wardrobes you choose – the most popular options being hinged and sliding.

The number of doors is also a significant factor, as 2-door wardrobes tend to cost much less than 6-door installations.

Other cost affecting factors include the size of the room, as well as the ease of access, as tradespeople may charge more if there is limited accessibility.

To help you understand the cost of different wardrobe types, take a look at the below prices.

Hinged Fitted Wardrobe Cost

Here is a price breakdown of the various costs for hinged fitted wardrobes.

Number of Doors Finish Supply Cost Overall Cost (including labour)
2-door Wood £180 - £360 £580 - £1160
Glass £220 - £260 £620 - £1060
3-door Wood £220 - £400 £820 - £1400
Glass £360 - £520 £960 - £1520
4-door Wood £320 - £550 £1120 - £1750
Glass £450 - £540 £1250 - £1740
5-door Wood £520 - £1080 £1520 - £2480
Glass £900 - £1400 £1900 - £2800
6-door Wood £1120 - £1150 £2320 - £2750
Glass £1000 - £1200 £2200 - £2800


✔ Easier and quicker to install.

✔ Can use the back of the door to hang items if needed.

✔ Generally cheaper than sliding counterparts.


✖ Less aesthetic than sliding doors counterparts.

✖ Doors swinging out means less bedroom space.

Sliding Fitted Wardrobes

The below table sets out the different costs for fitting sliding wardrobes.

Number of Doors Finish Supply Cost Overall Cost (including labour)
2-door Wood £290 - £720 £690 - £1520
Glass £260 - £1200 £660 - £1600
3-door Wood £300 - £1500 £900 - £2500
Glass £320 - £1600 £920 - £2600
4-door Wood £340 - £1600 £1140 - £2800
Glass £380 - £1700 £1180 - £2900


✔ Takes up less bedroom space.

✔ Very aesthetic.


✖ Can't use the space on the back of the door to hang items.

✖ Generally more expensive.

✖ Harder install.

What Does Installing Fitted Wardrobes Involve?

If you plan on hiring a professional to install your fitted wardrobes, then it is essential that you understand the process.

Take a look at this step by step guide for installing fitted wardrobes in your home.

1. Determine the Installation Space

The first step involves deciding exactly where you want the wardrobes to be installed.

This could be on a bedroom wall or the corner of the living room.

Wherever you choose to have it, you need to make sure that the measurements are noted down to ensure the right materials are ordered.

2. Measure the Space

Once the space has been determined, the tradesperson will then measure out the exact dimensions.

This will enable them to determine how large the installation will be in order to advise you on the right type of wardrobe.

3. Choosing a Wardrobe

The next step will involve selecting a wardrobe that works perfectly in your chosen room.

You may opt for a pre-built wardrobe, or if you have an awkward space that needs filling, you could choose a custom-built fitted wardrobe.

The latter option will involve the help of a carpenter who will build you a bespoke wardrobe with your chosen cupboards, drawers, compartments and more.

4. Assembling the Wardrobe

If you have purchased a flat pack wardrobe, then you can hire a tradesperson to install it for you.

To do this, they will follow the manufacturer's instructions word for word making sure that all the pieces fit together and are installed correctly.

This will, of course, vary depending on whether you choose hinged or sliding doors, as hinged doors take longer to install.

For bespoke fitted wardrobes, the carpenter will usually build the wardrobe off-site and then assemble it in your home, which will involve a similar process to a flat-pack wardrobe.

5. Finishing Touches

To ensure your fitted wardrobes look aesthetically pleasing, the tradesperson you hire will fit your chosen handles onto the wardrobe doors and drawers for easy access.

If you have chosen a wooden fitted wardrobe, then the doors may need to be sanded down to give it a smooth finish.

Along with installing fitted wardrobes, you may also want to consider additional decorating costs to complement your new storage.

This could include painting your walls, which generally costs around £300 to £500 for an entire room.

An alternative option is new wallpaper which typically is priced at £180 for a small room and up to £600 for a large space.

To enhance your space further, you could also hire someone to fit new flooring which can range anywhere from £100 to £200 for new carpet, £200 to £400 for vinyl flooring, £500 to £1500 for engineered wood flooring and £800 to £2500 for parquet flooring.

DIY Fitted Wardrobe Installation

Installing DIY fitted wardrobes is typically a straightforward job. However, unless you have experience with carpentry, you should stick to installing flat-pack fitted wardrobes rather than manufacturing your own bespoke wardrobes.

If you do have experience building wardrobes, then it is possible for you to install wardrobes that fit perfectly in your space, as long as you measure and fit the wardrobes correctly.

There is nothing stopping you from fitting your own wardrobes, as there are no building regulations or planning permissions in place to prevent you from performing this take.

You also do not need to hire a contractor to sign the work off; however, hiring a contractor may be your best option if you have an awkward installation space.

Potential Problems and Pitfalls

One of the problems with building and fitting wardrobes is that if it is done wrong, it can actually be quite dangerous.

For instance, if you forget to put a screw in a specific place, the wardrobe may come loose and could actually fall on top of you or furnishings in your home – causing injury or damage.

Taking on the task yourself in comparison to hiring a professional will also force you to lower the quality of the work, as professionals tend to use high-quality materials, while also having years of experience behind them.

By not choosing the professional route, you could end up paying out for new wardrobes sooner than you'd expect, as they may not last as long as top-quality bespoke fitted wardrobes.

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