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Carpet Fitting Cost

Want to know the cost of carpet fitting? For the average 25 sq. metre room you can expect to pay around £100-£200 for a carpet to be laid. This price will vary depending on the shape of the room, location and any awkward features but works as a good average figure.

It is estimated that your carpet has a 5-10 year life span. If your carpet has seen better days, then it might be time to get a quote from a carpet fitter. Below we have discussed how much it costs to fit a carpet and what the job entails.

2-6 hours
Avg price:

How Much Does Carpet Fitting Cost?

In most cases, you should expect to pay a £150 cost for labour, and about £100 to fit a small to mid-sized room with new carpeting. Rooms which are 25 sq. metres or smaller can typically be completed in less than 3-4 hours.

Many contractors will also charge a flat rate (£500 for the entire home), as opposed to an hourly rate for the labour. This is of course in addition to the price of the carpeting material you select when fitting new carpeting in the home. This will help reduce the overall cost of the project.

Keep in mind that if additional services, such as leveling, or improving the floor’s surface is required, you will incur additional fees when having these services performed in the home. Therefore, all fees should be discussed with the contractor, prior to agreeing upon the final rate, and services to be performed when fitting and installing new carpeting in a home.

The cost to fit new carpeting in a home will vary from home to home. If you choose a plush carpet, versus industrial, the cost will vary. If the floor space is 100 sq metres, versus 1000 sq metres, the price is also going to vary.

What the work entails will also vary from home to home. In some homes, the contractors simply need to fit the space and lay down the underlay and new carpeting. In other homes, maybe concrete/cement must be removed, leveling work is required, and foundation damage needs to be repaired. All of these aspects not only affect cost but duration of fitting and installing new carpeting in a home.

What Laying a Carpet Entails

For most basic projects, fitting new carpeting is quite simple. Contractors will measure the area where the carpet is to be laid down. They will then provide you with different underlay material options (for plush, industrial, commercial, etc. carpeting options). From there, you select the carpet, and it is installed.

However, in some cases, additional work is required. If you previously had tile installed, grout and cement have to be lifted and removed. If the property isn’t level, foundation work might be required. All of these aspects must be accounted for when fitting a home, and installing new carpeting in it.

Why Not DIY?

One of the main reasons you shouldn’t install carpeting yourself is the simple fact that this can lead to damage. If it is not properly fitted and laid down, mould can grow between the floorboards. The carpet can come up, water damage might ensue, and yes, it can even cause damage to the structure.

It can lead to horrible smells and odours in the home. Further, you will have to replace the carpeting sooner, because it is damaged/worn quickly because it was not properly laid down in the home.

Additional Jobs

First and foremost, leveling is an issue in some homes. If the home isn’t on even foundation, or if there was different flooring material installed prior to the carpeting, contractors must face these tasks. This might include removing grout, cement, installing underlay, or even hiring professionals to level the ground.

Replacing siding or skirting boards is often associated with fitting new carpets as well. Especially if you are choosing a different carpeting material/style moving forward.

Carpet Fitting Timeframes

For an entire home, you should expect to set aside at least 3-4 days for new carpet installation. Of course, after installation, it is important to remain out of the room (not step on the carpet) for several hours. So, you should add an additional day (1-2 days), simply to allow the new carpeting to conform to its new home.

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