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How Much Will Fitting a New Staircase Cost?

The average cost of fitting a new staircase in the UK is between £500 and £2000. How much you pay will depend on the size of the staircase, accessibility, materials and multiple other factors. A competent staircase installer will be able to estimate a price once they are provided with a size and choice of material and design.

The price of a modern staircase can increase your budget drastically. Among tradition soft and hardwoods, metal, stone and glass are also used in the manufacture of new staircases which can make them much more expensive. This is something you should bear in mind when getting quotes.

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New Staircase Cost

A new staircase is a major speaking point in any home. It adds appeal, charm, elegance, and can truly change the appearance of any home/space. If you wish to do remodeling work, fitting a new staircase is one of the many projects you can undertake.

This, however, isn’t a project for you to attempt a DIY project. Far from it, this is complex, requires a great deal of experience, the right tools/equipment, and understanding of foundation/leveling in the home. For such reasons, hiring a contractor is the first thing you will do, even before deciding on the design and materials for fitting your new staircase.

What Installing New Stairs Entails

Initially, a survey of the home is required. Determining if there is sufficient height, if the ground is level, if it is legal/advisable to install the staircase, and proper placement, are all aspects a contractor will discuss with you, the homeowner.

Next, begins the design phase. Here you will discuss whether you prefer a spiral or straight-staircase. Do you want a wide, or narrow steps installed? Do you like a beam or ornate details? At this point, material selection should also be discussed, in order to determine the cost and the duration for fitting a new staircase in the home.

Alternatives To Installing a New Staircase

It is possible to use an escalator or moving staircase in some homes. This is going to cost much more money to install and requires far more upkeep. Many owners will choose the traditional staircase, as it requires little to no maintenance.

There is also a foldable/removable staircase option. Similar to those you find leading up to an attic in a home, you can discuss something which folds/stores away if you have a smaller space, or simply want a “loft-style” bedroom space. These projects can be discussed with your contractor, in determining the viability of the project, and cost to perform the installation of these items.

Other Projects

If you wish to perform additional work in the home, this might be the time to do it. Installing and fitting new flooring or carpeting is highly advisable at this time. One contractor can perform all of these fitting and installation services, reducing the completion time, and costs, for the custom design services they will perform in your home.

If you wish to paint walls, install new furniture, or even add new lighting or fixtures to the walls/ceilings, this is a great time to consider doing these projects as well. You can work in one area of the home at a time, and you can complete project by project until the room/area of the home is complete.

With a new staircase always comes the issue of foundation/leveling; however, you also have the issue of items being attached/affixed to the ceiling or roof. Therefore, a survey of the home might be required, to determine if this type of project can be completed in the home. This should be done prior to design and choosing materials for the new staircase which will be fit into the home. Not only to ensure it is a viable project the contractors can complete, but also to allow them to determine the proper placement, size, width, and any other design features which have to be accounted for, in fitting and installing your new custom staircase in the home.

Potential Problems With Installing a New Staircase

Cost and materials are a major area of concern. Especially if you want an ornate, lavish, or luxurious style staircase built into the home. The cost of materials is high, elegant details in design require more time to construct, and typically need to be custom ordered for installation.

The size of your home, clearance, and any potential issues with foundation might also lead to setbacks in the design and installation of your new staircase. If there are issues with fitting/spacing or sizing concerns, this might set the project back. If custom sized stairs have to be designed, this will also require more time to complete the fitting and installation of the new staircase.

Financial issues are always a cause for concern when adding any type of addition to your home; this includes fitting and installing a new staircase. When hiring contractors, you have to account for delays, increases in cost, and setbacks during the design and construction phase.

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