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Cost to Install Patio Doors

Do you want to know the cost of installing new patio doors? The average cost of hiring a tradesman to supply and fit a basic patio door is £1000. This estimate is based on the average prices quoted by door fitters accross the UK.

4-8 hours
Avg price:

How Much Does Fitting Patio Doors Cost?

New patio doors will add appeal and an entirely new look to your home. French doors are elegant and inviting. Swinging doors can add an inviting/open aspect, which your home is currently missing.

Expect to pay anywhere from £500, to more than £2000, depending on the doors chosen for your patio space. Of course, ornate, custom French doors will cost more than a basic glass-sliding door. With this in mind, the project will also take longer for your custom fit and installed doors.

Your best option is to inform contractors that you are bidding for several quotes. This will give you more leverage in material, design, and of course how long it will take, and how much the project is going to cost, when you are fitting and would like to have new patio doors installed in your home.

Regardless of the design, or style of doors chosen, when fitting new patio doors, it is important you work with the right professionals. Not only will they guide you in design, fitting, and installation, but also perform the services in a timely fashion, for a reasonable price.

DIY Patio Door Installation

Basic porch sliding or glass doors might be something you can install and fit as a homeowner. However, if you want ornate, something elegant, or even if you are considering something costly (like French doors), it is highly advisable to hire professionals.

Not only do they have experience in fitting, placement, insulation, and bonding/sealing the doors, but they will also guarantee their work. If you do it yourself, and it doesn’t look good or isn’t properly placed, this will call for additional work, and you will eventually have to hire professionals, to fix the errors made. It will end up costing more and taking a long time to complete the fitting and installation of your new patio doors.

Additional Projects

If you want to have new windows and doors installed, why not do it now? You have the right contractor present, and they will work out some form of discount/saving options, so it is worth discussing the additional projects with the contractor.

If insulation needs to be installed, this is also a good time to do so. If you want to install new double or triple-glazed windows or doors, you should also consider installing these items now. The more work you do at once, the less time it will take to complete. It will also come at a discounted price to you when you work with one contractor.

Consider additional improvement work and general projects at this time, when you are installing new patio doors. Painting walls, installing new lighting, adding wiring/replacing wiring, are all small jobs which can be performed at the same time as you are replacing the doors, and won’t require you to hire a different contractor at a later date.

Timeframes of Installing Patio Doors

For custom installation, expect the project to take a minimum of 5-7 days. This includes ordering the doors, fitting them, and installing/tracking them. With pre-fabricated doors, these can typically be installed in 1-2 days, if only installing a single door/frame, which leads out to the patio area of the home.

Custom design, delivery (from a foreign supplier), ornate/detail work, or even choosing glazed, energy-efficient materials, are all aspects which will increase the cost and will require a longer period of time for installation to commence, and be completed in your home.

Potential Problems

Although you don’t want them to occur, they typically do when adding or conducting any form of improvement work in the home. The delay in material arrival is a common issue. Especially if ordering custom doors, that have to be cut and fitted, for your door/window space.

Insulation work might also cause delays. If there are gaps between the door/window, and the siding, this has to be remedied prior to fitting and installing the new glass doors to your patio area. No contractor will install new doors, if the insulation is not properly aligned, and if the door/window frame, is not properly affixed, to the area where the installation will occur.

If construction work is taking place (building the patio, or addition to the home’s interior), these might also be causes for project delays. From delay in supplies arriving, to custom material delays, or even financial delays (if you don’t have money to complete a project), can cause delays in the installation of the new patio doors to your home.

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