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carpet fitting cost

Carpet Fitting

The cost to fit new carpeting in a home will vary from home to home. If you choose a plush carpet, versus industrial, the cost will vary.

loft boarding cost

Boarding a Loft

Want a safe, clean storage space in your home? Or, are you simply looking for a room-addition to add space to your home?

new staircase cost

Cost of Fitting a New Staircase

A new staircase is a major speaking point in any home. It adds appeal, charm, elegance, and can truly change the appearance ...

floor fitting cost

Fitting New Flooring

When fitting flat flooring in a home, there is the obvious decision of the material you desire. Loose lay vinyl planks, wood-based, or other...

loft hatch installation

Install a Loft Hatch

If you have a loft in the attic area, or higher level than the ground level of your home, a loft hatch is a perfect addition to access the loft.

carpet cleaning cost

Carpet Cleaning Cost

Cleaning your carpet isn’t expensive, right? Well, that depends. You can have it professionally steam-cleaned, with the ...

cost of floor insulation

Cost of Insulating Flooring

This article will detail the main ways in which it is possible to insulate a floor in a house or office premises, to either make it more...