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Cost of Garden Maintenance

How much you pay for your garden maintenance depends on the size and condition of your garden. On average a standard visit for a small garden will cost around £50 and go up to around £250 for a full days labour. Your quote for garden mainenance may be calculated based on the Sq meterage of your garden.

Garden maintenance may include mowing, pruning, weeding, strimming and waste removal but your gardener will estimate there prices based on viewing your garden in person.

1-2 days
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How Much Does Garden Maintenance Cost?

Most landscapers will charge you per service, rather than a flat labour fee. Expect to pay anywhere between £150-£200, for general maintenance. If you do maintenance work weekly, or bi-monthly, many companies will offer a discounted rate for such services.

Garden maintenance comes in many forms. Some homes simply need the hedges and bushes trimmed every week or so. Some homes need lawncare services performed several times a week. Other homes simply need cleanup work performed every few months or so.

For these reasons, every homeowner, and every home, are going to take a different approach as it pertains to general garden maintenance. Installing new perennials, placing new trees to add a canopy or shade, or simply cleaning up the area after a major storm, are some of the projects a professional landscape design team can provide.

If you choose to install new trees, plant flowers, and add other features to the garden, these will obviously increase the price of the landscaping services which are being performed in the garden space. Discuss with the landscapers how much trees cost, the cost of purchasing several floral beds, cost of fertilizers, and other ideas you have for your garden space. Everything will be cheaper if you choose to do these projects with one landscaping team, rather than hiring one or two teams for each project.

What Is Involved With Garden Maintenance?

Maintenance can truly mean whatever the homeowner wants it to mean. If you have a huge garden area, you might simply want to have weeds pulled, grass mowed, and flowers planted every few weeks or months. Some homeowners desire weekly mowing services.

When determining which maintenance services, you desire, it is a good idea to assess your lawn and garden with a landscape professional. In addition to providing you with relevant information to maintaining the garden, they will offer advice of small projects you can do on your own, which will help keep garden maintenance service fees down.

Tips For Garden Maintenance

If you simply want to have a landscaper visit your property once a month, you can do small gardening tasks on your own. Pull the weeds when you see them fill in, use a manual walking mower to trim the grass, use fertilizers to keep things fresh and looking their best.

You can even plant flowers yourself. Make sure you know the frequency at which to water them, where they should be (in relation to sun, and other plants), and how deep to dig holes, when you are planting these flowers.

Maintenance Options

In the UK, inclement weather is a given. Therefore, some homeowners might choose artificial, rather than live, grass. If you do this, not only will your lawn always look fresh, it won’t require mowing. However, you might choose to have a landscaper visit the property, to add agents to maintain the appearance of the artificial grass.

For some homes, you might simply want to hire a landscape team to install plants, flowers, and plant trees. Additionally, if you want to install a fountain, garden ornaments, or other decorative pieces, you can hire a professional team to render these services as well.

Other Projects to Complete

When trimming the hedges, cutting/mowing the lawn, and removing weeds, you can also install or plant new flowers, shrubs, and trees. If you choose to do so, make sure you discuss with the landscape team which ones can withstand the weather where you live. And, learn which types of trees will thrive, in limited sunshine areas (as there are many in the UK).

Possibly installing a fountain, hanging ornaments, or other decorative pieces to your garden, will help it shine through. If you choose to do so, discuss bulk or discount pricing, if you choose to have all of these services done by a single company. It will typically be cheaper, and you can have one company visit your home routinely, rather than hire several for different projects.

If you want to add garden or patio furniture, now is a good time to make the investment as well. You can fully enjoy your outdoor space, and you can do so immediately after the maintenance and cleanup work are performed by the landscapers you choose to hire, to perform these services outside of your home.

Garden Maintenance Timeframes

Generally, most landscape maintenance jobs will take 1-2 days. This will depend on the size of the garden, and which areas need to be address. Once an initial visit has been made it is likely that the gardener will offer a reduced price for regular visits. This will lower the cost to around £50 or less per visit and should only take an hour or so, depending on the size of your garden.

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