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Gardening and Shed Specialist Jobs

artificial turf cost

Laying Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is an alternative homeowners might be contemplating if they’ve had to deal with dead-grass, mulch, and weeds, one too many times.

garden wall cost

Cost of Building a Garden Wall

A garden wall is a great addition to your home’s exterior. It can add a backdrop to the landscape design work. It is a great ...

building a shed cost

Building a Garden Shed

A garden shed is a perfect storage solution outside your home. Installing a new garden shed, with concrete flooring, is a project that you can...

garden maintenance cost

Cost of Garden Maintenance

Garden maintenance comes in many forms. Some homes simply need the hedges and bushes trimmed every week or so. Some homes need ...

fence installation cost

Fitting Fence Panels

If you want to have fence panels fitted outside your yard, a fencing contractor is the best option to consider. Even if it is a smaller ...

install wheelie bin store

Installing a Wheelie Bin Store

If limited storage space is a problem outside your home, installation of a wheelie bin store might be the optimal solution.

install garden lights

Garden Lighting Costs

The fitting of garden lighting will involve the safe siting of appropriate lights, and the placing of fully connected cabling...

shed removal cost

Removing a Garden Shed

This article will detail the steps required to remove an unwanted shed form a property, as well as dealing with its...

install an aviary cost

Cost of Installing an Aviary

This article will outline the work needed to install an aviary in your home garden and will look at how to make it both secure...

build brick bbq

Cost Of Building a Brick BBQ

This article will look at the work required to build a brick-based barbeque and the potential problems that can come of doing it...

outdoor tap cost

Cost of Installing an Outside Tap

Installing an outside tap can be very handy for gardening, washing your car, and even washing your windows. This article will...

remove hedge cost

Cost of Removing a Hedge

Here, we’ll look at how to remove a hedge from an area of land and return it to a flat, grassed over condition. It will also...

remove japanese knotweed

Removing Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed is renowned as a problematic and tenacious plant, and removing it can be a complicated and time-consuming...

lay garden turf

Cost of Laying Garden Turf

Turf is the word we use to define the type of grass for a garden lawn. Lawn turf is usually used to create a functional space...

install new composite decking

Installing Composite Decking

Composite garden decking is an effective way of transforming any outdoor space fast. These sustainable, non-slip boards are...

Tree removal cost

Cost of Removing a Tree

Tree removal is an essential service that is required for all sorts of reasons. A tree that is badly damaged or left...

Cost of installing an outdoor plug socket

Installing an Outdoor Socket

External electrical sockets can be an extremely useful addition to any household. Installed correctly, they give you the ability to power...

Cost of Garden Waste Removal

Garden Waste Removal Cost

n the following cost guide, we’ll break down the prices for various types of garden waste removal, including soil...

Cost of Installing a Garden Gate

Cost of Garden Gate

This article will help with your search for the perfect garden gate, a quick guide to installation and the costs involved. The cost of...

Tree Trimming or Pruning Cost

Tree Trimming or Pruning Cost

If you have a tree trimming or pruning project that needs to be addressed soon, this article may be useful to you. Tree trimming or pruning is a...

Staining a Fence Cost

Staining a Fence Cost

Wooden fence staining is a great way to extend the life of your precious fence. Staining will enrich the colour of the wood...