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install gas cooker

Cost of Installing a Gas Cooker

A gas-cooker is a superior option to electric stove/cooker tops. However, installing a gas-line isn’t a simple undertaking. It is ...

install gas fire

Cost of Installing a Gas Fire

Prior to using a gas fire, it is important to have a gas-engineer inspect all lines, flues, and wiring, to ensure optimal safety.

installing a boiler cost

Installing a New Boiler

Installing a new boiler is often not the type of home remodeling projects most owners want to perform. In fact, it is one you will put ...

install towel rail radiator

Installing a Towel Rail Radiator

A great addition to the bathroom is a towel rail radiator. It will help maintain the towels you use at a warm temperature when it gets cold out.

replace radiator

Cost of Replacing a Radiator

Replacing a radiator might be something you choose to do after you have conducted one too many repairs, and are dealing with the...

cost of power flushing central heating

Power Flushing Central Heating

Removing the pump and attaching the power flush hose, is a simple way of explaining what power flushing your central heating system is...

cost of moving a boiler

Cost Of Moving a Boiler

This article will detail the work required to move a boiler from one position to another. Boiler systems are complex designs and most...

cost of a new radiator

Cost Of Installing New Radiators

This article will detail the process of fitting a new radiator system to an entire house and will look at the process, the pitfalls, and...

cost of removing gas fire

Cost Of Removing a Gas Fire

Many properties from the 1950’s to 1980’s came with rather unsightly gas fires and surrounds that many modern homebuyers find unattractive...