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House Survey Cost

If you need a house survey completing on your property you can expect the cost to be in the region of £200-£400 with the average price being around £300. How much you pay will depend on the company conducting your survey.

Your quote for a house survey may increase if the surveryor needs to take a more extenisve look at the house structure. It is estimated that a house survey would take between 2 and 4 hours.

2-4 hours
Avg price:

How Much Is a House Survey?

The cost of the survey will greatly differ, from company to company. On the lower end of the spectrum, expect to pay £200. This can greatly increase, and sometimes might be as high as £400 for a survey if the structure of the house is looked at in detail.

Surveying a home is done for various reasons. If you plan on selling the home, many buyers might request for you to have it surveyed prior to sale. If you plan on building on the property or making additions to your home, a survey might also be required.

When having the property surveyed, it is important to hire the best local surveyors to conduct this service. In addition to providing you with a full, written, detailed report, they will properly conduct the survey as well. Before hiring a surveyor, consider these aspects.

What a House Survey Entails

A house and property survey entails several aspects. Surveyors will assess the property for damage, determine if any encumbrances exist, and determine if the ground/leveling is at the appropriate level. If foundation work is required, the survey will provide this information to the homeowner. If there are issues with aerial/clearance space, the survey will also dictate these issues.

Surveyors assess the home, address issues with the yard, property additions, fencing, or other new construction/additions to the home. It is basically going to inform the owner of issues which exist, remedies which should be made, and potential fines and penalties, if these issues aren’t addressed in a timely fashion.

Tips For The Survey

Prepare your home for the survey. Clean it, remove obstructions, make sure the fencing, siding, roofing, and other areas of your home are up to code. If the damage is present, repair it prior to having the surveyor visit your property. Even something small, like a deviation in the gutters, can result in a failing grade.

Hire the right surveyors. Make sure you hire a surveyor that will perform all necessary checks. Some companies aren’t properly licensed or take shortcuts in surveying a home. This might result in future penalties or fines. Or, if you are selling your home, and the buyer chooses to hire a surveyor, if issues are found, this can result in the home’s sale falling through. So, make sure you hire the right people to survey the property.

Potential Issues When Getting a House Survey

A survey of your home and property is basically going to inform you of issues with the property. These could range from your fencing being too tall, painting not being up to code, or windows not being properly installed. A number of issues will be presented to the homeowner after the survey is conducted.

In addition to these issues, aesthetic issues might also present themselves. And yes, you do have to remedy these in a certain period of time. In some areas, if your lawn and garden aren’t properly kept, this might turn up as an issue during the survey. So, make sure you know what has to be addressed, and how soon, so you avoid fines after the survey is conducted.

Other Projects to Complete

After a home survey, this is the perfect time to do those projects you have put off for so long. It might be time to paint the home’s exterior or change the windows, so you install new energy-efficient, double glazed windows. Regardless of the exterior work you choose to perform, now is the time to fix those eyesores all over your property.

If you wish to do lawn and garden work, now is a great time to do so as well. Install new fencing, paint your fence or repair damage to the patio entrance to your home. There are so many things a survey will inform owners of. Upon completion, this is the best time to address these concerns.

House Survey Timeframes

A home survey should only take a couple hours to complete. Depending on what is found during the survey, receiving the notes, and learning of potential issues, penalties, fines, and problems you need to address immediately, can take some extra time. Most homeowners should have the results of the survey within 1-3 days after it is conducted. From there, you will receive the report, the issues you need to address, and will also be informed of how long you have, in order to address the issues.

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