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New Boiler Installation Cost

If you are looking to install a new boiler then look no further. Find out how much a new boiler should cost so you accept the fairest quote offered by a tradesman.

The below prices are based on estimates and the price will vary depending on multiple factors including boiler quality. The average boiler installation should take no longer than 4-8 hours.

4-8 hours
Avg price:

How Much Does Installing a New Boiler Cost?

The cost to replace your boiler is greatly dictated by the actual price of the boiler you eventually choose for your home. The cost of labour for installation is typically £250 per day. And, most of these installation processes will only require 1-day to complete.

Assume a new boiler can run from £1000-£3000, or higher in some cases. This is a major appliance upgrade, so the price is going to show. Do your research and compare boilers before you make the investment decision.

Installing a new boiler is often not the type of home remodeling projects most owners want to perform. In fact, it is one you will put off as long as possible. It typically arises out of need. When you realise your home isn’t warm enough during those winter months, you begin to contemplate if it is time to change that 20-year old boiler.

Depending on the type of boiler chosen, the size of your home, and other factors (including energy-efficient, heating elements, rating, etc.), this installation price can greatly vary. Before hiring a contractor to install your new boiler, consider a few of these relevant aspects.

What Installing a New Boiler Entails

Installing a new boiler isn’t as simple as buying a new one, and putting it where the old one was. Contractors will measure the space, determine usage based on the home’s size, and help you determine which boiler will provide sufficient heating for the home.

In some homes, additional space is required for the new boiler. In other homes, it may require going down a flight of stairs, which of course will increase prices for installation.

In addition to this, the contractors will remove and properly dispose of the old boiler system. Because of the complexity of the job, most homeowners shouldn’t take on this DIY project.

Potential Boiler Installation Issues

One issue to consider is the type of boiler you previously had, and whether or not you can upgrade to a different fuel source. If you want to switch from electric to gas, or even a fancy biometric boiler, is this possible? If it is, you also have to consider costs. Adding gas lines, cutting electric services, and the costs you will incur for such changes.

System boilers, convi boilers, and conventional boilers are some names thrown around when shopping for this appliance. Further, determining size needs, and choosing a reputable brand, are all factors you need to consider when replacing the appliance. For most homeowners, you simply aren’t familiar with these terms.

A major problem can arise if you buy something too small, which can provide sufficient heating for the home. So, before you buy, or choose the cheapest product you find, it is important to take your time and compare systems which fit your home’s needs.

Other Potential Projects

Checking HVAC lines, piping, water lines, and even electrical or gas line, might be projects you choose to undertake when replacing your boiler. Just like replacing the boiler, these aren’t the fun remodeling projects you want to do as a homeowner. So, why not get these tasks out of the way, while you are taking care of another replacement job you really don’t want to be doing in the home?

If you plan on transitioning fuel sources, it is obviously best to do so before you invest in the boiler. Have a survey completed, find out if it is possible to switch from electric to gas (or another fuel source), find out about costs, fees, and other assessments which have to be completed.

It is better to do everything at once, rather than to have the contractor leave your home after installing the boiler, but not being able to check if it is fully operable after installation.

Boiler Installation Timeframes

What can add to the time to complete the replacement is the fact that you are switching fuel sources. In choosing gas, you have to set up services, connect gas lines, and possibly perform other surveys or assessments.

These aren’t jobs the contractor does, but might be done by a private survey company. So, bear these additional factors in mind, if you do plan on changing to a different fuel source, and if you are on a tight budget when you are planning on replacing your old boiler for a newer, more energy-efficient model.

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