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Cost of Installing a Chimney Cowl

Installing a chimney cowl is a dangerous and labour intensive job. Your home type and size will effect the cost of the installation. The average price paid to fit a chimney cowl is around £300 but multiple factors are at play.

Below we have estimated the cost of your replacement chimney cowl as well as breaking down what the installation entails. It's important to get multiple tradesman in to quote so that you can find someone reputable and get the fairest price.

2-4 hours
Avg price:

How Much Does Installing Chimney Cowls Cost?

A chimney pot might work in some homes, but in certain cases, it won’t properly cover the entire chimney entryway. Heavy rains, birds, even small animals like squirrels, can easily get past the pot. In these instances, installing a chimney cowl is the superior alternative approach to be taken in some homes with larger chimneys.

In terms of pricing, expect to pay an access fee anywhere between £150-£250. This will depend on the difficult to get to the roof, install the scaffolding near your home, and access to/through the chimney, from inside of the home. You can’t get around this fee, as the contractors have to assess the chimney. So, regardless of the company you choose to hire, you are going to pay this fee when installing a chimney cowl over the home.

A multi-purpose cowl can cost anywhere between £150-£300. Depending on the size, if scaffolding is used to install it, and other potential conflicts which are found during installation, the entire cost shouldn’t exceed £400 to install the new cowl.

When installing a chimney cowl, not only does it have to be properly placed and affixed, it also has to be the right size for your chimney. So as to prevent blockage and causing smoke to build up, but also to properly cover the chimney, to prevent these animals and obstructions from getting into the home. There is a delicate balance in choosing the cowl, and obviously installing it in the home.

What Installing a Chimney Cowl Entails

The multi-purpose chimney cowl, attached to your chimney using a strap, is the most highly desired cowl system. Not only is it going to provide the best blockage, but is also a superior option to chimney pots and smaller systems that are available for installation.

If your chimney isn’t being used, the cowl can provide ventilation throughout your home. It will obviously block out rain, birds, squirrels, and other obstructions from falling into the chimney. In installing the cowl, there really isn’t much guesswork. It is typically as simple as fixing it atop the chimney, aligning it, and attaching the metal strap onto the chimney.

Why Hire a Professional

It is not that the actual installation is difficult, it is the fact that it is large, it requires climbing the roof, and typically require equipment most homeowners do not have. If you have never used a scaffold, don’t have the right power tools to affix the cowl, or aren’t experienced in doing similar projects, you can do something wrong.

For these reasons, it is a far better option to hire a professional roofer, or chimney specialist, and allow them to install the cowl for you. They have the equipment, experience, and can typically install these large pieces atop your chimney, in 1-2 days.

Tips For Installing a Chimney Cowl

Make sure you clean the space prior to having the company visit your home. They will conduct a survey, determine which cowl is best for your home, and determine how to install it. Make sure the area in front of, and around the chimney are clear. Also, make sure the roof is clutter free, and there aren’t any obstructions around your home, which will prevent them from getting on the roof with the scaffolding.

If you plan on doing roofing work or having your chimney swept, do it when installing the cowl. It will save time and money if you hire one company, as opposed to hiring two individual companies to perform each of these services. The company which will install the cowl can replace a few broken shingles, do minor repair work, and can also conduct surveys of the roof.

If you use your fireplace for burning coal or other wood-based material, and there is a cage in front of it, this should be removed. Not only so the contractors can easily access any crawlspace, but also to prevent blockage from burnt carbons, while the contractors are installing the cowl, or doing additional work on the roof of your home.

Chimney Cowl Installation Timeframes

If you are simply installing the cowl, this project should take a few hours at most. If additional tile repair or roofing work is being conducted, you might want to set aside a 1-2 day window for the project to complete.

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