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Average Cost of Double Glazed Windows

The average cost of replacing your windows with new double glaxing is between £3000 and £7000 depending on location, design and sizes. The price will vary depending on the company you recieve your quote from.

Our prices are based on estimates from window fitters from all over the UK. How much you pay will ultimately depend on your home and the design and finish that you opt for.

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How Much Does Double Glazing Cost?

Double-glazing is a great way to protect your home from harmful UV rays. If you have pricey floors, furniture, or simply wish to retain cooler temperatures in the home, double-glazed windows and doors are the way to do this.

The cost of installing this film is quite high. In a 10-window home, you are looking at about £5000, to have it fitted and installed by a professional. This should include the cost of labour, the film, and the installation and fit the film on the windows.

Of course, for fewer windows, you will pay a lower price. You can, of course, do the installation yourself, but if it is not properly aligned and fitted, you are going to waste your money. On the lower end, you can expect to pay £200 for labour. in addition to this daily rate, you will pay anywhere from £1000-2500, for the film to be placed on the windows.

Additionally, double-glazing will reduce electric costs, heating costs, and help maintain temperatures throughout your home. They are more secure, making them harder to break/penetrate. And, double-glazed doors and windows will look better, and your home will appear uniform when you replace the old glass you currently have installed throughout the home.

What Installing Double Glazing Entails

The energy-efficient film is simply placed on the surface of the windows you have in your home. The difficulty comes in pressing out air-bubble, eliminating dimples, proper placement to avoid shifting, and properly placing it on the glass, so as to avoid waste. This material is costly, so you don’t want to improperly cut it, place, or shape it.

Hiring a professional tradesperson is a good idea when installing double-glazing. Not only do they know how to measure, they will properly place it, and level it, so the air-bubbles don’t form. If air bubbles are present, this will cause the film to rise. In turn, it will begin to peel, and will eventually come off your windows, rendering it useless.

Potential Window Installation Issues

One issue during installation is proper placement. The windows have to be perfectly measured, and the film has to be perfectly cut, in order to ensure the film is applied correctly on the window. If it isn’t, damage, chipping, and bubbles will form, and the double-glazed material isn’t going to serve the purpose it is meant to serve.

Proper placement of the bead frame is another issue. If you have never worked with double-glazing, you aren’t aware of the fact that they have small beads on the film, which fits directly onto the window. This is a problem for those who wish to DIY the project themselves. If you aren’t familiar with how to fix it, place it, and apply it to the window, you are throwing your money down the drain. Therefore, consider hiring a professional to install it, since they know what they are doing, and understand how the bead frame should be applied to the windows or door you are installing the double-glazing to.

Damage to wood frames, or door frames, is often a problem for those who don’t know how or haven’t done this type of installation in the past. If you don’t know how to work with the film, don’t have the right tools, or simply aren’t aware of what you are doing, it is quite possible that you can damage your doors, windows, frames, or other surfaces in the home. Although not common, you can do major damage to frames, if you aren’t careful with what you are doing when installing this glazing.

Other Projects to Complete

If installing it to the windows, why not consider doing the sliding doors as well? You can double-glaze your entire home. It will not only look better, it will help soundproof the home, eliminate UV rays, and help preserve the furniture, flooring, and other surfaces throughout the home.

If you need to fit new windows or doors, you can also consider doing this work when double-glazing. You might opt to install new doors and windows, which comes with the double-glazing material already installed. This will guarantee it is properly placed, and also ensure that they are properly fitted, so there won’t be gaps/movement after you place the new doors and windows in the frame.

Timeframes For Installing Double Glazing

In terms of the duration of the project, this, of course, varies with each home.

In a home with 10 windows, you might be looking at 1-3 days to complete. If your home has significantly fewer windows, or you are only going to do the installation in one room, this project can typically be completed in 1-day.

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