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Cost of Installing a Gas Cooker

A guide of the process of hiring a tradesman to install a gas cooker, including the costs of labour and materials.

2-8 hours
Avg price:


A gas-cooker is a superior option to electric stove/cooker tops. However, installing a gas-line isn’t a simple undertaking. It is not a project a traditional homeowner should attempt on their own.

It may require installing new lines, removing wires, implementing new gas panels, and other complex wiring/gas installation. For these reasons, homeowners who wish to install a new gas cooker should hire a professional to perform this service.

What the job entails

A gas-line is the most obvious requirement. If your home is not currently fitted for a gas-cooker, the first step is to determine if it can be installed. And, if so, to choose the right contractor to install the new gas cooker in the home.

Often a survey of the kitchen area/home should be conducted prior to installing gas lines. This will help determine if it is safe to cut/wire, or perform digging below ground level, without causing a fire threat in the home. If it is determined that a gas-cooker can be installed, the wiring, and all gas lines/fixtures should be placed, prior to choosing a cooker and installing it.

Once all lines are in place, you should choose the size burner for the kitchen. A larger kitchen might fit a 6-burner cooker top, whereas a small space might only fit a 2-burner top. Comparing requirements, sizing/spacing, cost of installation, and other factors, will help you choose the appropriate cooker for the space, if a gas-line can be fitted for installation in the home.

Additional Projects

If you plan on doing any other improvement in the kitchen, now is the time. From buying new appliances to switching all appliances to gas (rather than electric), it will save time and money, if you choose to do all of these switches at the same time.

If you plan on doing any aesthetic work in the kitchen, such as painting, adding new furniture, or even updating your utensils/plate and cups, this might be the time to consider such projects as well. Although simple, working one room at a time (the kitchen) will minimise the amount of work you have to perform at a later time.

New flooring, backsplash, tiles, cabinets, and other upgrade work in the kitchen, should also be discussed with your contractor. Not only do you receive a discounted rate for all services, but also so they can work on all projects at once, rather than have to perform different services, at a later date.

Consider bulk-pricing or discounts, when performing all upgrades in your kitchen. This will reduce the duration of the project, and will also result in a lower price for the upgrades which are being completed in the home.

Potential Problems

A major cost/determination is whether or not a gas line can be installed. A survey will help determine whether you can install this type of cooker. In many cases, this can take several weeks, so make sure to allow sufficient time for this project, if you wish to change from electric to gas.

Another setback or additional cost will be switching over from electric to gas. If you currently have electric wiring in place, all lines have to be changed. A new gas line has to be installed, and you have to set up services with a gas-supplier. It is important to understand setup, payment, and choosing a supplier for the gas services you choose for your kitchen space.

If issues are found during surveys, governmental agencies might step in, prior to allowing for gas lines to be set up in the home. This is not only going to take time, but might also incur additional fees for surveying, and determining if certain criteria are met, prior to allowing for installation of gas lines.

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