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Cost of Installing a Gas Fire

A guide of the process of hiring a tradesman to install a gas fire, including the costs of labour and materials.

4-8 hours
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Prior to using a gas fire, it is important to have a gas-engineer inspect all lines, flues, and wiring, to ensure optimal safety. Once all tests are completed, you can install a gas-fire line into the home, for various uses.

From preparing your meals to installing a new gas fireplace, gas is a superior option over electric wiring in many homes. It is cheaper, it is more efficient, it spreads heat evenly, and it is far cleaner. Before installing a gas-fire line, there are several factors to consider by the homeowner.

What the job entails

Prior to installing any appliance, or fireplace, it is important to have proper inspections conducted in the home. This will help determine whether or not it is safe to use gas appliances in the home. This will also help in detection of gas leaks, or potential hazards which may be present if a gas leak was detected in the area.

Inspections will also help ensure proper and safe installation of the new gas lines and any new appliances which will operate on the gas lines. From a cooker to a ventless fireplace, safe installation and placement guarantees proper dispersion of gas and eliminates any possibility of a threat of fire/damage in the home, when more than one gas appliance/product is being used in the home.

Why choose gas?

The gas fire is a superior option for cooking, to electric. It produces even heat dispersion, it cooks foods evenly, it is healthier, and it allows you to prepare foods in several different ways, which an electric cooker does not allow for.

Gas fireplaces help maintain heat in a room evenly. They help disperse heat to larger areas, help maintain a temperature throughout larger spaces, and are also a much cheaper way to provide heat to a room, than the electric counterparts.

Gas lines are far more affordable. The price for operating gas on a monthly basis is anywhere from £20-30, as opposed to £50 or higher in terms of the price you would pay for electric appliances. It is a great way to reduce the operational costs in your home, rather than paying the traditional electric bill most homeowners pay.

Cost and Duration

The cost to switch from electric to gas fuel is cheaper on a month to month basis for the homeowner. However, if new gas lines have to be installed, electric fuel sources are removed, and additional fees/penalties are levied on the customer, this can increase the initial cost to transition from electric to gas firepower.

The duration to transition is short, in terms of installing the gas lines. It shouldn’t take more than 1-2 days to wire/install new gas lines for a single-family home. What will result in longer wait periods, is the fact that many homes require inspection, and certain council levies/limitations are in place. So, prior to installation of the new gas fire in a particular home or area, all inspections, and government regulations, must first be dealt with by the homeowner who wishes to make the transition from electric to gas fire as a source of fuel in their home.

The cost per month for a single-family home shouldn’t be more than £30 when relying on gas as the main source of fuel/energy in the home. This is a great saving, in comparison to the cost of electric, which is usually double (if not higher), for most single-family homes which rely on electricity as the main source of energy/fuel in the home.

Potential Problems

The most obvious are whether or not gas lines can be safely installed for use in the home. Depending on where your home is, and the inspection run by the engineers, certain areas are not appropriate for gas, and can only utilise electric sources for fuel/power.

In addition to this, there may be government regulations in place which must be dealt with, prior to installation of new gas lines. Depending on where your home is, who the suppliers are (energy), and local regulations in place, certain homes will not qualify for gas fire lines as a source of energy.

Installation of gas lines and transitioning from electric to gas is going to incur a fee to the homeowner. It is important to understand all costs, monthly fees, and service charges a company will impose, in order to determine whether or not gas fire is the appropriate source of fuel/energy to use in your home.

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