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Cost of Installing New Guttering

A guide of the process of hiring a tradesman to install new guttering, including the costs of labour and materials.

2-5 days
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If you have seen leaks around your property or noticed clogged/backed up leaves, it might be time for new guttering. Or, if the guttering is falling apart, extremely rusted, or isn’t properly draining, you should at least consider calling a contractor to see if major repair work should be completed.

Regardless of how old the gutters are, when the time comes to replace them, you want to choose a contractor who specialises in such work. They will properly install the new system, level it, place it, and ensure proper draining, away from your home.

What the job entails

First, they will remove the dated gutters. They will check for leaks, cracks, and if there are drainage issues, so water runs away (rather than into) from your home. If siding work is required, or there are leaks on the roof, they can possibly remedy these issues as well.

Once the old gutters are removed, the new gutters are lined throughout the home’s exterior. They are bonded onto the home, using appropriate tools and fasteners. The best contractors will guarantee proper placement, and ensure the gutters are aligned so as to avoid issues with flooding, runoff, or water draining towards the home, rather than the sewage system where it should be running towards.

Potential issues during installation

There is always the issue of cracks, holes, or leaks. If this is found, sealing agents can be used, and repair work can be completed by the contractors hired. It is best to hire one company for all of these repairs, in order to reduce cost/per project.

If gutters weren’t properly installed in the past, runoff work or movement might be required as well. The contractors might have to shift the placement, work with sewage systems, or possibly change the direction which the gutters are placed, to ensure runoff is going away from your home, rather than into or towards it.

Issues with fitting, materials, or other siding/foundation issues aren’t common but might appear. If you have an older home, these might be issues which have to be addressed as well, when installing the new gutters onto your home.

Other Projects to Undertake

If any issues with foundation, roofing leaks, missing shingles, or siding work are visible, you might choose to tackle each of these projects, while installing your new gutters. You can usually hire one company to do all of these jobs, so it will take less time and will end up costing you less money to complete these projects.

If there are issues with the sewage system, this should also be addressed at the time of installing the new gutters. You don’t want to have to deal with clogging or backup, in the event of a major storm. So, you should make sure the system is properly functioning outside the home.

If you wish to paint the home, install new windows, capping fascia boards, or perform additional aesthetic services, you can address all of these projects while working on the home’s gutters. It is best to do everything at once, rather than space the projects out.

Costs & Duration

As is the case with most of these professional installation services, contractors typically charge a flat daily labour fee. You will pay anything from £100-200 daily. Costs of new gutters will also vary greatly based on quality, material, and duration (how many years they are guaranteed to last). For a whole-home replacement, you might pay anywhere from £300-500. This is, of course, only if installation and removal of the old gutters are required. If no additional issues are present, most home installations will take 2-5 days.

Where siding work, cleaning the sewage system, or performing additional repairs is necessary, you can add on anywhere from 2 days to 1 week, depending on the severity of these issues. Additional costs will vary based upon the contractor hired, and the type of repair work. Something simple like repairing a small leak might run £100. On the other hand, if sewage and drainage work is required this can run upwards of £250, or higher.

These are the more extreme cases and will be a case-by-case determination when you compare quotes with different contractors, prior to hiring one to install the new gutters.

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