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Cost of Installing LED Lighting

A guide of the process of hiring a tradesman to install LED lighting, including the costs of labour and materials.

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LED lights are a major upgrade in the home. They use less electricity, so your bills are lower each month. They aren’t as bright or hot, so your home will feel cooler as well. And, they are aesthetically appealing, in comparison to large, dated bulbs.

With the improvement also comes additional work which has to be conducted in the home. In some cases, upgrading wires to bring the home up to code is necessary. In other cases, it is as simple as buying the bulbs and installing them throughout the home yourself.

What the job entails

For most homes, which have been built in the last 15-20 years, the wiring is probably up to code. In such cases, all you have to do is buy the LED bulbs, and replace your standard bulbs throughout the home.

If, however, you are dealing with an older home, it might require hiring an electrician. They will check wires, fuse boxes, and other electrical issues, to ensure safe installation of the new bulbs.

Apart from this, there really isn’t much else that goes into the actual installation process. Only with older properties do you have to consider hiring contractors to visit the home.

Potential Issues with LED Lighting

The major issue is in the wiring and electrical work. This, however, is only the case in older homes. If wiring or electrical work, fuse boxes, and issues below-ground are spotted, this will require upgrading work.

If the sockets for old bulbs are dated or worn, they might also have to be replaced. Further, if you install new chandeliers or fixtures, you might also have to rewire rooms in the home. If this is the case, you should consider hiring an electrician, rather than do the work yourself.

Benefits of LED Lighting

Now that you know how much the bulbs cost, you want to know why upgrade, right? For starters, the savings are extremely high. In terms of electric bills, you will pay less than ½ per month, in comparison to your previous bills for lighting/electric use.

You won’t have to replace bulbs every few months either. So, you will pay £20 up front, but this bulb will last several years to come. Ultimately, you will pay far less, than what you pay to replace cheap bulbs every few months, at £5-7 each.

Your home feels cooler. The lights aren’t as bright, you can easily adjust the level settings, and you can find bulbs in varying colours. So, if you choose to set a mood or tone in a particular room, you can do so with the different coloured bulbs available.

Tips for New LED Lights

A major tip to consider is checking to ensure your home is up to code. Again, newer homes usually have updated wiring in place. In the event your home is 25 years (or older), you might be looking at hiring an electrician. If this is the case, shop around and compare quotes before you do.

It is also beneficial to compare quotes if you plan on hiring an electrician to place the new bulbs. Doing so can save you £50 or more, on the labour costs alone. Different contractors charge varying flat rates for services on a daily basis, only by comparing these quotes are you going to find the best price when installing new LED lighting.

Another tip to consider is that you should do every room in the home if you are upgrading. This is the best way to ensure higher energy consumption savings, and improve the aesthetic appearance in each room of the home you do install the lights in.

Costs & Duration

LED bulbs are expensive. You can expect to pay anywhere from £20 and higher per bulb. With this also comes great cost savings. These bulbs last a minimum of 7-8 years. They also run on ¼ of the electric consumption (if not less), than the standard bulbs you previously had installed. This means they will pay for themselves, in the reduction of energy bills, in a few months’ time.

If you hire an electrician to install them, you will likely pay £100, or higher, which is a flat rate for services. They will typically install all bulbs in one day if they don’t have to do additional wiring work.

In the event electrical wiring or updating work is required, this is where the high prices are bound to follow. It is best to contact a local electrician and to compare a few quotes prior to choosing one. You can often find great disparities in their rates, so shop around prior to choosing one for these major projects.

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