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Cost of Installing Loft Vents

A guide of the process of hiring a tradesman to install loft vents, including the costs of labour and materials.

1-2 days
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Loft vents is a simple solution for ventilation in a loft or attic space. If you have a bedroom, use the loft as a game room, or even if it is used as a storage space, you don’t want it to get musky, smelly, or for mould to develop. Ventilation in the tight space is necessary to prevent these issues from arising.

Although cutting a vent-hole in the ceiling seems simple enough, it might be a little more difficult of an undertaking to install the vent, if you’ve never done this type of project before. Therefore, it is probably best to hire a professional to install the loft vents, leading to the loft area of your home.

What the job entails

Obviously measuring the area to be cut is the first step. Depending on where the vents will be placed, you might need to install 2 or 3 vents, for large attic/loft spaces. Roof tile vents are a great solution. They are installed on the roof and lead the ventilation directly to the space. However, in some homes, you might have to use the interior vent system to provide ventilation to the space.

When installing tiles on the roof, or vent systems inside the home, proper placement is imperative. This guarantees proper air dispersion throughout, and a comfortable room if you use the loft frequently. The type of vents installed will depend on your budget, the age of your home, and the appropriate amount of ventilation required in the space.

Do I need vents?

This is a common question for most homeowners. If you notice condensation on the windows, if the room feels muggy, or you notice hints of mildew or mould, these are obvious signs it is time to install vents.

In other homes, it might not be so obvious. So, the best way to determine if you do require ventilation is possible to have a survey conducted. This will provide you relevant details of the loft, whether it requires ventilation and any additional work you possibly have to do around the home.

Installation tips

Again, this is a job best left to a professional, rather than a DIY project. When deciding on the vent system, consider all options. Soffit, under fascia vents, roof vents, bathroom, and other available systems. Don’t rule something out, just because it is costly. Find how long they will last, how much more efficient different options are, and how easy they are to maintain. These factors will guide you in choosing the right ventilation system.

Understand the spacing. Some contractors may say you need 4 vents, another might say 10. Make sure you get a few quotes. Honest contractors will tell you what you need, along with what they actually suggest. So, don’t simply look at the price alone when choosing a company to install vents. Consider their experience, honesty, and yes, rely on reviews and ratings, from prior customers, to help guide you in choosing a contractor.

Costs & Duration

Simple installation job, where airflow is present, and insulation is properly in place, shouldn’t take more than 1-2 days to complete. If however, insulation work is required, exterior vents are being installed, or complex systems are in place, this simple job might turn into a complex, 1-2 week undertaking. Only a home assessment will truly reveal the duration of the project.

In terms of the price you will pay for installation, this will also depend on the type of vents chosen, how many are required, and of course the contractor you hire. Most contractors will charge a flat rate for labour, which can range from £150-£250 per day. Soffit or fascia vents can cost well over £200, while a bathroom vent system might only cost £100.

The best way to ensure you not only choose the right ventilation system, but also find the best pricing when hiring a company to install these systems, is to compare quotes. You also have to consider the aesthetic appeal and resale value. Installing fascia vents is a great upgrade, and might be worth doing if you plan on reselling your home in the near future. So, consider your options, and don’t simply rule out a particular system, based on the cost alone.

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