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Cost of Installing a Towel Rail Radiator

A guide of the process of hiring a tradesman to install a towel rail radiator, including the costs of labour and materials.

3-8 hours
Avg price:


A great addition to the bathroom is a towel rail radiator. It will help maintain the towels you use at a warm temperature when it gets cold out. Installation of these systems, of course, requires certain heating elements to be installed in the bathroom as well.

In installing the towel rail radiator, certain services will be performed in the area as well as the installation. These might include wiring work, electrical work, installing/moving outlets, or other general services which go into properly installing the radiator system and maintaining warmer temperatures.

What the job entails

Depending upon whether or not a heating element is already in place, installation maybe required. This will be determined when a tradesman or electrical company visits your home. In addition to this, new outlets or additional wiring might also be installed during the process.

Cutting the wall to install the new towel rack is something which the tradespeople hired will do during wiring/electrical system configuration. In some cases, the movement to a different wall or area of the bathroom might be necessary, depending upon where current wiring is run in the room.

Potential Issues

Of course, the wiring issue is a major concern in some homes. Especially older homes, there might not be wiring installed in the bathroom, and if this is the case, you will have to install new electrical heating elements.

In some homes, the towel rack has to be moved. If this is the case, finishing the wall, repainting, leveling, or tiling work, might also be performed during installation. Of course, each of these services is going to result in increased costs for the homeowner. It will also require additional time to perform the installation services.

In some bathrooms, a heating element isn’t in place at all. If this is the case, new installation, wiring, and possibly running HVAC lines up to the room, are services the electrical company has to perform. Or, if gas fuel is used, gas lines might be run through the home, in order to provide the heating into the bathroom, you plan on installing the new towel rail into.

Additional projects or tasks

If you have to move the towel rack, this might be a good time to consider additional aesthetic work in the bathroom. Possibly installing new tiles, backsplash, installing new mirrors and vanities. The tradespeople hired can typically perform all of these services for a discounted price, and it will obviously require less time/labour to complete the services.

If wiring work has to be completed, this is the time to install upgraded electrical systems. If wiring is dated, you might consider hiring an electrical company to upgrade all wiring systems, throughout the home, at this time.

Any additional work you plan on doing in the bathroom, such as upgrading or modifying the space, can also be completed at this time. Painting, new tiles, even installing heated flooring in the bathroom, are all services which will increase the value in the home, and obviously, make it more enjoyable for use.

Costs & Duration

Assuming no wiring, movement, or additional electrical or gas installation is required, you will typically pay a flat rate to the tradespeople hired. A flat fee of £150-200 daily is often charged. In addition to this, you will pay for the rail chosen, and in such cases, this simple project shouldn’t take more than a couple hours to finish.

Assuming additional work is required, of course, you will pay the daily flat fee, plus the cost of wiring, electrical, or gas-line installations. These can run upwards of £250 in certain homes. If upgrading wiring is installed, assume you will pay an additional £100 (at a minimum). And, if running wiring to an upstairs bathroom, this is obviously going to cost more money to complete the project as well.

Even with more difficult tasks, installation shouldn’t take more than 3-5 days for completion. So, these projects might run anywhere from £350-700, with complex wiring systems, heating elements, and running wiring throughout the home.

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