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Cost of Installing Triple Glazed Windows

A guide of the process of hiring a tradesman to install triple glazed windows, including the costs of labour and materials.

4-7 days
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Homeowners will instantly notice a difference upon installing new triple-glazed windows. Your home will retain temperatures more efficiently (it will be warmer in winter and cooler in summer). You won’t hear as much exterior noise, and the glazing will help block harmful UV rays from damaging your furniture and flooring.

Apart from this, new triple-glazed windows will also increase the resale value of your home. Since they are a protective barrier, your home can’t be broken into as easily. The windows also help protect against major storms and other harmful weather threats nearby.

What will I be paying for?

When hiring contractors to install triple-glazed windows, you will usually pay an hourly/daily rate for labour. This can range from £250- £300 daily. In addition to this, you are paying for the new windows. The cost will be at a minimum of £1500, for lower-end/grade windows.

You are paying the contractor for all services. This includes measuring the window pane/hole, removing the old windows, placing insulation, and guaranteeing structural integrity prior to installing the new windows. Of course, the cost of the services will also include the installation of the new windows you choose for your home.

Things to Consider

When choosing triple-glaze windows, make sure you request A-grade windows. Sure, you can pay less for something that is inferior, but what good does this provide.

Make sure the windows are energy efficient and properly glazed. This will help reduce peeling, chipping, and also help improve the temperatures in the home.

You have to inquire about the installation process. Pressure installation techniques are highly used today when installing triple-glazed windows. Make sure you learn about the methods used for installation, and also of the guarantees a contractor provides you when installing new windows in your home.

Another major factor to consider is the duration/guarantee for your new windows. If they don’t last for 20 years +, you might be getting a lower quality/grade windows. For this very reason, you have to compare different materials, glazing, and finishes, before you decide on the windows to install, and the contractor to perform the installation.

Additional Jobs

This might be a good time to consider insulation if you haven’t done this work in your home before. Although the contractors will place proper insulation around the windows, doors and other entry points in the home should also be replaced.

If you plan on doing additional work, such as increasing the size of the window, this would be the appropriate time to do this work as well. Cutting, drilling, and other services will cost less, if you do it at the same time, rather than perform each of these tasks individually.

If you plan on painting, adding fixtures, or otherwise changing the window curtains/drapes, this is the ideal time to tackle these projects as well. The reason being is that you are dealing with licensed contractors. If you hire them to perform all services, rather than hire a contractor to perform each task individually, you will receive a discounted price for doing all of the jobs with one professional.

Costs and Duration

If you replace one window, you are going to pay far less than you will to replace all windows in a home. Typically costs for daily labour will range from £200-250. In addition to this, the cost of windows can run anywhere from £1000-3000, or higher in some cases.

If you are doing a whole-home job, look for contractors who will provide you with a flat rate, rather than hourly labour cost. This will help reduce overall cost and is a great indicator that you are working with a reputable and honest contractor as well.

Most professional, licensed contractors, can complete a whole-home installation (2-3 bedrooms), within a 5-7 day window. This will include insulation, cutting, surfacing, and any other services you have contracted them to complete. Bear in mind that certain setbacks can increase the duration of the project, and might also increase the price for the services you choose to have performed in your home as well.

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