Cost of Installing Wall Tiles

A guide of the process of hiring a tradesman to install wall tiles, including the costs of labour and materials.

2-5 days
Avg price:


A new bathroom or kitchen tiling is surely a major upgrade in any home. It can help recreate a dull space, bring out custom detail work you’ve done throughout, or simply replace dated tiles, paint, or wallpaper in the space.

When installing new bathroom or kitchen wall tiles, it is best for homeowners to hire contractors. It is the only way to guarantee proper placement, spacing, grouting, and finish/detail work throughout. Let’s take a look at what goes into an installation in your kitchen or bathroom space.

What the job entails

When installing new wall tiles, first the step in the process is removing the old wallpaper, tiles, or leveling/finishing painted walls. Once this is completed, surfacing/leveling the wall is necessary. A grouting or a bonding agent will be placed on the walls where the tiles are going to be installed.

Depending on the size of the tiles, spacing, and other details involved in placement, installing the tiles will take anywhere from several hours to two days to complete. When dealing with delicate tiles, or custom designed tiles, contractors will also take more time to complete the project, as they don’t want to break/destroy the fragile materials.

After the tiles are placed and level, a shining coat/wax material might be placed on top of them. Further, polishing work or another protective coating can be placed over the tiles, especially in the kitchen, to protect from grease, dirt, and other debris which is common in this space.

Additional Projects Around the Home

Installing new cabinets, drawers, or appliances, are all upgrades you can perform at the same time as installing new tiles. Although the cost of the project will increase, so will the resale value of the home. Even installing or polishing the floors you have in the kitchen, can help improve the aesthetic appearance, and make the new wall-tiles shine.

In the bathroom, installing new faucet heads, mirrors, a vanity, or other design elements, can also be undertaken. Again, the remodeling cost will increase, but the home’s value, and aesthetic appeal are also more prominent when you do additional work in the space.

Upgrading the kitchen and bathroom are the most expensive upgrades in a home. Bear in mind, they are also the upgrades which will bring you the greatest returns in resale value. So, if you are undertaking a major job, such as installing new wall tiles, you might as well consider doing all upgrade work at the same time.

Potential Setbacks

If custom tiling is being installed, this can cause delays. Not only in the fabrication and design, but also if they are being shipped from outside the UK. In addition to this, these tiles are also going to increase the cost of the project.

If the walls aren’t level, surfacing or finishing work has to be completed prior to installing new tiles. This will require additional materials, tools, and possibly hiring a different contractor to perform this service. This will also setback the completion date of the project.

If there are wires behind a wall, you might have to contact an electrician. Not only to ensure it is safe to install the new tiles, but also to determine if cutting/drilling, and other work can be performed on the walls where new tiles will be installed. The same goes for plumbing lines (but you will hire a plumber rather than electrician).

Costs & Duration

In homes where no wiring, plumbing, or leveling work is required, and the tiles are simply being installed, you will pay the flat rate a tradesperson charges, which can range from £150-200 daily, and the cost of the tiles. The duration of these projects can last anywhere from 2-5 days since the tiles have to set and dry.

If you are ordering custom tiles, the delivery and development of the tiles alone can take up to several weeks to arrive. If this is the case, set aside a minimum of 2-weeks, up to 1-month or longer to complete these projects. Obviously, the cost will increase, depending on the price of the tiles chosen.

In most cases, you will pay a daily rate for labour, ranging from £150-200. In addition to this, cost of tiles should be calculated, as should wax/polishing service you choose to conduct so that the new tiles will shine.