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Cost of Installing a Wheelie Bin Store

A guide of the process of hiring a tradesman to install a wheelie bin store, including the costs of labour and materials.

1-7 days
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If limited storage space is a problem outside your home, installation of a wheelie bin store might be the optimal solution. You can purchase them in varying sizes, material finishes, and they are typically simple to install outside of the home.

If, however, you choose to have a custom wheelie bin store installed, hiring a tradesperson might be the desired route you take. Depending on placement, material, size, and design elements, you can have these hand-crafted pieces installed and properly place, anywhere outside your property, for added storage, and security.

What the job entails

Before installing a wheelie bin, even if it is a prefabricated piece, you have to measure the outdoor space. Consider open/closing the door (storage bin-top), surrounding area, locking it, and other safety aspects. All of these features will help you in choosing the wheelie bin which is perfect for your outdoor storage needs.

In addition to these aspects, consider the costs. Will you install it yourself? If so, do you have to do nailing, screwing, or other heavy-lifting? Consider the cost of the actual bin, possible alterations being made, and whether or not you should hire a professional to install and place it, or if it is something you believe you can do yourself.

Space Required

Spacing is something you have to consider when installing a wheelie bin. Sure, a small bin, with one top which opens and closes doesn’t require much space. But, if you have it custom built, with a heavy-lumber/timber material, with three doors that open, and additional side-storage features, you will need more clearance space around it.

This might also require custom designing and construction. If this is the case, you aren’t dealing with a prefabricated piece any longer and should consider hiring professionals for construction and installation. They will not only measure your outdoor space, but also determine which materials are appropriate, strongest/sturdiest, and how to properly place the bin, to maximise your outdoor space, while getting the most out of the storage bin.

Additional projects to consider

Now is the time to upgrade your outdoor space. If you’ve been needing landscaping work completed, do it now. If you want to add trees, shrubs, or even a fountain, you can hire one company to perform all of these services, in addition to installing the wheelie bin.

If you plan on placing the bin on a patio area, consider upgrading the patio's space. Possibly adding a canopy, outdoor pit, or even new furniture for your patio space. You can upgrade the wheelie bin storage to incorporate an area to store pillows and other furniture which needs to be stored, during inclement weather. It is best to complete all these projects at the same time, so the tradespeople you hire, will consider all storage aspects, and incorporate them prior to construction and installation.

Any additional outdoor or upgrade work you’ve been contemplating for some time now can be performed at this point in time. New gutters, cleaning out the gutter systems, doing siding work, installing a new patio, or simply trimming and mowing the lawn and hedges, are tasks which should be undertaken at the same time. It will not only save you money but will require less time to complete, as you are dealing with one company, rather than hiring 3 or 4 at a later date.

Costs & Duration

A standard wheelie bin, made of a plastic material, shouldn’t run you more than £50-200 (the bigger, the higher the cost). And, these are simple to install, as you can simply place them anywhere in the lawn/patio area, you so desire. If you choose this route, you can possibly do this on your own.

If, however, installation and design, construction is required, consider the additional fees. Construction for a small bin, of wood, aluminum, or other materials, will typically require a minimum of 3-5 days to build. These also have to be custom installed in the yard, which shouldn’t take more than 1 day to complete. So, you should set out 1 week for these projects, from start to completion.

In terms of cost, most tradespeople will charge a flat rate per hour/day. Depending on the material chosen, the type of bin, size, and storage compartments which are added, custom design pieces should run anywhere from £100, and possibly over £1000 (for large bins, with custom/detail and design work). It is truly left up to your imagination, and budget, when deciding upon the design, size, and ultimate placement, of the wheelie bin in your yard area.

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