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How Much Does It Cost to Jet Wash a Driveway?

This guide sets out the average jet wash cost, additional expenses, and timescales, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of jet washing.

6 - 7 hours
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Introduction to Jet Wash a Driveway Cost

Is your driveway starting to look unsightly? Driveways tend to be susceptible to moss growth and tend to build up a layer of dirt from parked cars, which can leave them looking unattractive.

The best way to tackle this is by having your driveway jet washed.

This involves the use of power washing tools which use high-pressurized water to clear away any dirt or debris from your driveway.

Many people opt to hire a professional driveway cleaning company who have access to commercial-grade equipment.

This guide sets out the average jet wash cost, additional expenses, and timescales, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of jet washing.

How Much Does It Cost to Jet Wash a Driveway?

The average cost to jet wash a driveway ranges from £90 to £400.

The size of the driveway typically determines the overall price, and the condition it is in, so the larger and dirtier the driveway, the longer it will take and the more expensive it will be.

Jet washing prices will also depend on the type of driveway you have, as some may be harder to clean than others.

For instance, concrete driveways are much easier to clean than gravel driveways, as the latter is much more delicate, so only a gentle power wash is required to avoid loosening the gravel.

This will require much more care and time, which means the job will cost more in terms of labour.

The level of access is also a contributing factor, as professional jet washing requires plenty of space in order to clean a driveway thoroughly.

This, again, will affect the time taken on the job and will lead to additional fees.

If you live in a remote area, you may have to pay more for a driveway jet wash, as there will be less jet washing services around, so you may have to pay for someone to come out from further afield.

Driveway cleaning companies may charge more for this to avoid expensive petrol charges.

To give you an idea of Jet wash prices, take a look at the below table, which sets out different driveway sizes and the associated costs.

Driveway Size Overall Cost
10m2 driveway £90 - £200
15m2 driveway £100 - £300
25m2 driveway £150 - £400

What Does Jet Washing a Driveway Involve?

If you have never had your driveway jet washed before, take a look at this step by step guide which will help you understand the process.

1. Clearing the Driveway

The very first thing you need to do is remove your vehicle and anything else on your driveway to ensure your driveway gets a thorough clean.

2. Brush the Driveway

Once you have cleared everything away, you or the person you hire will need to brush away any large pieces of debris such as leaves or dirt.

3. Setting up the Equipment

After the debris is removed, a hose should then be connected to the jet washing equipment.

At this point, the water should be left to run freely to get rid of any air locks within the machine.

The power washer should then be connected to an electric supply before being turned on.

4. Applying detergent

Before power washing the driveway, a detergent should be applied to the surface, as this will help to dissolve dirt and any other marks on the driveway.

5. Power Washing the Driveway

After a few minutes, the jet washer should be adjusted to the right power setting before spraying it onto the driveway surface.

Professional driveway cleaning companies will use commercial grade with various nozzles which can be changed if there any stubborn stains that need to be removed.

6. Drying the Driveway

Once the power washing is complete, the driveway should be left to dry.

This is especially important if your driveway requires sealing, as many companies offer driveway cleaning and sealing as a package deal.

To add sealing services, you should expect to pay around £180 to £270 extra, depending on the size of your driveway.

If you have any significant damage on your driveway than cannot be fixed with jet washing, then you may need to hire a driveway specialist to repair your driveway.

This typically costs around £150 to £200 per day to hire a professional, although the price will vary depending on the extent of the damage.

Another popular you job may want to consider along with jet washing is driveway gate installation for increased privacy and security.

You should expect to pay approximately £700 to £2000 to install a driveway gate, although the overall cost will depend on the type and size of the gate you want.

DIY Driveway Jet Washing

Jet washing is a popular DIY job, with plenty of homeowners keeping their driveways clean with jet washing equipment.

If you plan to do this regularly, then it may be worth investing in a jet washer, which generally ranges from £50 to £500.

If you just want to jet wash your driveway as a one-off, then hiring will be your best option.

For jet wash hire, you should expect to pay £20 to £170 per day.

You will also need to purchase driveway detergent to ensure your driveway is cleaned thoroughly.

This usually costs about £3 to £8 per litre.

If you opt to jet wash your driveway on a DIY basis, then you need to be incredibly careful when using the equipment to avoid injury.

Pressure washers can be extremely powerful, so the force may actually knock you back, so being tentative is critical.

Potential Problems and Pitfalls

While jet washers can be beneficial tools for cleaning your driveway – making it appear sparkling and brand new – there are actually some disadvantages of jet washing. This includes driveway damage, as some driveway materials are more fragile than others, so jet washing can actually cause unrepairable damage which may result in expensive repairs or even replacement.

Another downside of jet washing your driveway is that it can actually damage your garden and plants, especially if you hire a professional cleaning service who is using powerful equipment and chemicals.

The chemicals within the machine may spray onto your flowers and grass and cause permanent damage, so it is not advised if you have had any recent garden maintenance.

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