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Cost of Laying Garden Turf

A guide of the costs incorporated in laying garden turf. We explain what laying a lawn entails, what timeframes you can expect and everything you need to know if you want to lay your own garden turf.

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Introduction To Laying Garden Turf

Turf is the word we use to define the type of grass for a garden lawn. Lawn turf is usually used to create a functional space, rather than the denser, more decorative grass used for borders and hedges. Turf is generally supplied in rolls making it an easy garden project.

Garden turf is an excellent way to quickly update any space, making it practical and comfortable for use. This article will help you understand the many varieties of garden turf that can be effectively installed in any space, including both artificial grass and natural grass.

How Much Will Garden Turf Cost?

When planning your new garden lawn, it is important to understand the factors that will affect the cost. The first step to determining the price of how much your new turf will cost is to calculate how much you are going to need.

Start by measuring the space of the area where you would like your new garden turf to be installed. Measuring the area beforehand means that you are less likely to buy too much or too little.

Commonly, turf is sold by the square meter or square yard and delivered in rolled-up sections. On average, the size of these rolls is typically 137cm x 61cm and cover between 0.5 and 1 square meter.

A simple way of calculating the size of your garden is to draw your garden dimensions on a piece of squared paper. You can use each square as a 1 square meter, then simply count the squares inside your drawing to assess how many rolls of turf you will need.

Alternatively, a local turf supplier may offer a service for helping you measure the space of your new garden lawn. Depending on the type of lawn you choose, the overall price will vary.

On average, artificial grass will cost around £60-£75 per square meter, while real grass costs anything from £20-£35 per square meter. As a rule, artificial grass or fake grass is commonly more expensive to purchase and install when compared to natural, organic grass.

However, consider that over time, the natural grass will likely require more maintenance and attention, thus incurring additional costs. Consider that if you are hiring a tradesperson to install your garden turf, they will likely add additional labour costs to the price of the job.

Garden Size Type of Turf Labour Costs Total Cost
10 Square Meters Artificial £125 £775
15 Square Meters Artificial £200 £1,175
20 Square Meters Natural £275 £975
30 Square Meters Natural £350 £1,400

What Laying Garden Turf Entails

Once you have decided on which method of garden turf you are going to use, you will need to calculate the area to work out your costs. When installing natural grass, it is advised that you prepare the area before ordering the turf and laying it within 24 hours of it being delivered.

If for any reason you are unable to lay the turf within this time, for example, due to the weather, you should unroll each section and allow it to lay flat in a shaded area. Laying the roll flat will avoid the turf turning yellow in the coming days, be sure to regularly check that the turf is not drying out.

Before laying turf, the foundations should be level, with good drainage below. Lightly rake the area until the ground is firm and level. Lay the first row of turf following a straight edge. Make sure you unroll each section slowly to avoid any damage and lay the edge of the roll close to the last without overlapping.

Once you have laid all of the rolls, gently work a mixture of compost or sand into the space where the rolls join, using a small brush or rake. In doing so, you will help the rolls of turf knit together and establish quicker.

Laying artificial grass follows the same basic principle, however, more care needs to be taken when preparing the foundation or sub-base for the turf. Fake grass should not be laid directly on topsoil.

A minimum 2-inch layer of gravel or crushed rocks should be used as a sub-base and then firmly compacted. Leave the artificial grass at least 2 hours to allow any creasing to flatten before trimming the edges with a sharp knife.

DIY Laying Garden Turf

As with many other home improvement projects, it is possible to carry out the work yourself, as long as you invest the right amount of time and care when doing so. Laying turf is a relatively simple process and can instantly update any space in your garden.

However, like any other project, there are vital steps that should be taken to ensure that you receive the best quality finish. If you don't take the proper care and attention to detail when installing your new garden turf, you could end up damaging the products and therefore have to invest in purchasing new ones.

On the other hand, many homeowners choose to hire a professional to install their new garden turf for them. In doing so, they are guaranteed to receive a high quality, professional finish while also having the job completed in a much quicker timeframe.

In some cases, an adequate level of aftercare must be carried out to your new turf, especially when laying natural or real grass. For example, a freshly laid, natural lawn must not be used or walked over for at least 6 weeks following the install. Walking across your new grass before this time risks damaging the roots that need to establish beneath.

Dogs must be kept from walking and urinating on freshly laid grass as the acid in their urine may cause the lawn to burn in areas. This will result in a patchy, unsightly appearance. An experienced professional will instruct you of the best possible maintenance and aftercare to ensure that you get the most out of your new garden lawn.

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