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Cost of Laying a Patio

A guide of the process of hiring a tradesman to lay a patio, including the costs of labour and materials.

5-15 days
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Laying a patio in your garden area is a great way to increase usable outdoor space, and enjoyable space. Depending on the material of pavers chosen, where you plan on laying the patio, and the size of available space you have at your discretion, this project can take on a number of different paths.

Whether you plan on doing a small DIY project or hiring a licensed contractor to pave and lay down the new patio, you must first prep the space. So, let’s consider what goes into designing and building, that perfect outdoor oasis you want to enjoy.

What the job entails

Careful consideration of where the patio will go is of utmost concern. The reason being is that it is a permanent fixture; once you place it, you can move it around. So, measure spaces, usable room, and clearance space, so you properly place and affix your new patio.

Make detailed plans. Measure movable space, pieces, and consider additions you will add around it. Gardening, new trees, plants, shrubs, a play-set for the kids. These are a few additions which can go around the patio. So, prior to construction, fully detail your layout, and what you plan on doing with the patio, and around it.

Leveling work should be checked prior to construction. This ensures your patio is secure, won’t move, shift, or otherwise crumble with too much weight. Once all of these details are hashed out, you are ready to begin the construction phase.

Potential issues

The problem of the foundation is a big concern. More so because of the costs associated with doing leveling work, if it is necessary. You have to check the ground-work before you start construction. A survey of your property will let you know which issues exist, and what steps have to be taken to remedy them. Leveling is one you simply can’t get around.

Material costs are another concern. Depending on the type of patio you plan on laying, the costs can rise. And, hiring a professional to build and install it, can add up in costs quickly. So, assess alternatives. Consider similar, cheaper materials. Consider a smaller frame or fewer additions. These simple modifications can make a huge difference, in the price you will pay for your patio.

Time constraints might be in place. If you need the project completed in 1-2-weeks, not all contractors will guarantee this. So, discuss your options, find out how long it will take, and properly allow for the patio to be laid, outside of the home.

Other projects to complete

Gardening is a great addition. New trees, shrubs, and floral beds are going to make a huge impact around your new patio. Consider hiring landscape teams to assess the space, and design an outdoor oasis you and family/friends, will truly enjoy.

If you plan on adding a fire pit, cooking tools, or running water, these should be part of the layout plan when laying out your new patio. You need to hire contractors who can add running wires, lines for plumbing, and other essential outlets. Take your time in choosing professionals who have this experience and knowledge, to avoid any issues down the road with these projects.

Costs & Duration

If you hire a contractor, they will charge a flat daily labour fee ranging from £200-300. Additionally, cost of design, installation, materials, and “extras,” will quickly add up. A new patio can easily surpass £3000-£5000, in no time at all. Discuss the details. Allocate a budget for the project, and make sure you have a written quote, detailing everything you are paying for.

Completion of your new patio can take anywhere from 1-week, to more than 1-month. Projects requiring leveling, installing piping or electricity, or even adding new gas lines, can take time to begin, and ultimately complete. Therefore, discuss all options with your contractors. Learn about viable alternatives (such as fire pits or portable grills), and find areas where you can cut back (on cost and duration), so you can have your dream patio ready to go as soon as possible.

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