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Cost of Moving a Light Socket or Switch

A guide of the process of hiring an electrician to move a light socket or switch, including the costs of labour and materials.

2-4 hours
Avg price:


The cost of moving a light socket or switch isn’t all you should concern yourself with as a homeowner. There is the headache of electrical work and moving wires around. There is also the concern of whether or not you are running the risk of a fire threat, by moving or installing too many switches.

Ultimately, this type of work should be done by an electrician. Not only do they understand the safety aspects, but are far more informed when it comes to wiring, rewiring, and additional connection/electrical work which has to be completed when performing these projects.

What the job entails

When getting a quote for these services, know exactly what you are paying for. Is replastering and replacing walls included? Do they include the socket, covers, and additional aesthetic work? Ask questions and get a full written quote, before you hire an electrician to do this kind of work in your home.

A junction box is a requirement today when installing new switches. So, if the present junction box can’t be used, when moving the switch, a new one has to be installed. Once the junction box is placed, and plastering is completed, the electrician will simply place the new sockets or switches where you choose to have them placed.

Potential complications

Fire issues are one of the greatest hazards when attempting these switch movements in the home. When you don’t know what you are doing, or what safety equipment/regulations are in place, you can possibly cause a fire threat in your own home. If you aren’t an electrician, it isn’t a wise decision to attempt to do this or other major electrical work in your home.

Improper placement, or issues with plastering, and the ability to later move the switch or socket are other issues which arise. If you don’t hire a competent electrician, it can result in shoddy work. Sure, it will be cheaper now, but can cause issues at a later date. So, it is best to compare several electricians, find out how skilled they are, and go from there when hiring them, rather than simply comparing the cost for services alone.

Poor workmanship in replastering is often an issue. Again, you want to work with a reputable electrician, as they have the experience, or the personnel in place, to properly render these services. You don’t want to install a new light socket or switch, only to have your walls damaged by poor quality workmanship. So, take your time in deciding who to hire to perform these tasks.

Additional projects

Any additional work you want to have completed in the living areas should be considered and discussed with your electrician. It will be far cheaper for them to do one job, rather than have to come to your home several times for various services. If they have to add wires, rewire, or move wiring, they can complete all of these services at once.

If you plan on changing over to LED lights, want to install a new chandelier, or otherwise wish to modify the lighting, discuss these projects with the contractor as well. Again, when you hire them for larger, or bulk-style services, you will pay a lower price for the work they complete in your home. So, consider doing all of the electrical work at once, rather than completing each of these services individually around the home.

And, if you plan on replacing several sockets or switches, find out if it can be done, and about proper placement from the electrician. They should inform you of your options, savings, and the best approach to take when you are moving several sockets around the home.

Costs & Duration

Simply moving a socket or switch should run £100-£150, and require 1-2 hours for an electrician to complete the work in your home. If switching the current switches, this cost will run £100-£150 and will take a couple hours to complete.

If you plan on doing work throughout the home, costs can run from £300-£1000, depending on the number of sockets being moved, and the size of the home. Also, these projects will require a longer time to complete. Typically, an entire home will take approximately 1-2 days to complete. And, additional time might be required to replaster the walls, if you are replacing several sockets or switches throughout the home, in different rooms.

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