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Cost of having a New Kitchen Fitted

A guide of the process of hiring a tradesman to fit a whole new kitchen suite, including the costs of labour and materials.

1-2 weeks
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Sure, your new kitchen suite will look great. But, what actually goes into making that dream space into a reality? Is it simply adding new appliances, or are you updating flooring, cupboards, and painting the space as well? Or, does other detail work come into play as well?

When installing a new kitchen suite, you can’t simply consider the cost of new appliances and nothing more. Otherwise, you are going to get way in over your head. So, if you are ready to see that new dream kitchen come to life, there are a few aspects to consider before hiring a contractor to make it become a reality.

What the job entails

Removal of furniture, removal of appliances, fitting walls, tiles, and installing the new appliances and furniture, are among the leading tasks contractors will perform when fitting and installing your new kitchen suite. Of course, the price is high, but, if you plan on reselling your home in the near future, the ROI is great, and your home will sell a lot faster as well.

All removals, upgrades, and new installations will occur at varying speeds, depending on the type of kitchen you have laid out. The size of the kitchen, custom design work, or other custom features you want to be installed, will obviously increase the price, and duration towards your completion date. Understanding the complexities of this new installation is the starting point to actually beginning the work to be completed.

Potential upgrade issues

An obvious issue is with older kitchens. Wiring is dated, plumbing is dated, appliances are old, so sockets and connection ports have to be removed and replaced. The older the kitchen is, the more complications will come to the surface, and the longer the work will take. And, this is obviously going to come with higher costs for actually updating the kitchen, prior to being able to install the new appliances in it.

Changing fuel sources brings another complication. If you are going from electric to gas, you are going to incur higher costs. Not only changing service providers, but installing gas lines, cutting wires, and any surveys or assessments which are necessary, should be completed before new installation takes place.

Fitting might be another issue. If you want bigger appliances, new furniture, or otherwise wish to modify the layout, this will require breaking walls, putting up walls, and other tearing and rebuilding. Not only does this require more time to complete, it is also going to greatly increase the cost of installing an entirely new kitchen in the home as well.

Other projects to complete

Furniture and appliances are generally included in your new kitchen installation, but if you want to paint walls, and new fixtures, replace cabinets and cupboards, or do additional improvement work, this is the perfect time to do it. The project is already a lengthy one, so these smaller, trivial tasks, aren’t going to increase the duration for completion much. And, you might even get a great discount if you choose to do all of this work with one contractor.

New doors, drawers, and even refitting the space to have larger or smaller entryways, are some additional tasks you might choose to complete. Or, if you wish to open up the space, you can create a worktop area, island, or tear down a wall to open the kitchen up to other living and dining areas of the home. It is ultimately up to you, and of course your imagination, when it comes to completely revamping and improving a dated kitchen space.

Costs & Duration

Let’s get the idea that this is a short, quick and easy project, out of our mind. Even the smallest space, and most basic improvements will take about 1 week to complete. There’s no way around it. For great kitchen spaces, open areas, or tearing down/restructuring walls, you can easily add an additional 2 weeks to complete these projects.

Now that you know it is a project that it is going to take plenty of time to complete, you want to know how much it is going to cost you as well. It won’t be cheap! So, don’t expect to spend £500-£1000, it simply isn’t going to happen. A basic kitchen space is going to run you a minimum of £4000-£6000 to complete. This can easily jump to £10,000 or higher, in no time at all. And, your imagination is truly the only limit in place (of course bearing you have the money to spend) in terms of how much this project will really cost when everything’s said and done.

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