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Cost of Painting Exterior Walls of your House

A guide of the process of hiring a painter to paint your house's external walls, including the costs of labour and materials.

3-5 days
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Your home’s exterior is the first thing anyone sees, including you! It isn’t simply a matter of curb-appeal when you plan on selling your home, but a matter of pride, and want your home to look good. This is just one of the benefits of having the home’s exterior professionally painted.

A fresh coat of paint will make a world of difference if your home has seen better days. But, choosing the right texture, finish, gloss/shine, and details in design, is also of high importance. So, let’s consider what goes into painting the exterior of your home.

What the job entails

It is not simply slapping a fresh coat of exterior paint on the four walls of your home. Rather, a preparation goes into the painting process. This starts with the colour selection. You want your home’s trim to match the walls. You want the lawn and garden to look good, and evenly balance your home’s colour. So, before you prep the walls or sand surfaces, make sure you have a colour landscape in mind.

Once you’ve chosen the colours, you are ready to prep the surfaces. Sanding might be a good idea, as could a good pressure wash. Doing this will remove excess dirt and debris, and give you a fresh canvas to paint on. Once cleaned, and sanded, the walls get a priming coat. There are many paints today with a built-in primer, so consider this option to eliminate some of the expense, and duration to complete the painting project.

Once primed, the walls are ready to be painted. You should have painter’s tape around windows, doors, trims, and any other surface which shouldn’t be painted the same colour as the home. With higher quality paints, one coat might do, otherwise, a second-coat might be required. After painting, finishing, polishing, and applying weather guard materials, are some ways to help preserve the paint. Especially in certain areas of the UK, where the somber weather is frequently present.

Potential issues while painting

Surface issues are a concern with some homes. Especially in older homes, sanding, leveling, and other work might go into the preparation, prior to even priming your home to be painted. If you have such issues, filling holes, and otherwise improving the exterior texture of the walls, will help ensure the paint is properly absorbed and looks good after it is primed

Another issue is the type of paint to choose. Do you go with a high-quality, costly paint, or simply something that glistens in the light? The colour is of high importance, but so is the quality. You will spend more when you choose cheaper quality, just to pay less up front. Don’t fall into this trap.

Equipment is another concern. Especially those who want to do a DIY painting job, if you don’t have scaffolds, ladders, sprayers, the right rollers, and covers, the job is a bit difficult to undertake. For these reasons alone, it is highly worth considering hiring professional painters. It avoids the headaches, issues with running out of paint/supplies, and helps level the cost down the road.

Other projects to complete

Trimming, and detail work will add a touch of elegance to the home. When painting the walls, why not do detail work? Paint the doors, improve the windows and trims, add detail or custom-paint detail work when painting the home’s exterior. It is worth it, especially if improving curb-appeal, for a potential sale of your home, is a lingering issue.

Pressure washing is another great task to consider doing. You might as well have a clean canvas to work with. But, don’t limit it to your home. Do the driveway, siding, and really give your home that much-needed boost, and improved appearance, by simply cleaning up the built-up dirt and debris which has been covering your property for months or even years.

Gardening work, adding new window panes, possibly changing the windows, and even adding new sliding doors, are all areas you can touch upon, which are going to help improve the aesthetic outdoor appearance of your home. Of course, budget concerns are an issue in some cases, so keep these in mind when choosing which projects are of highest importance.

Costs & Duration

A whole-home, exterior paint job, can take 3-5 days for professional painters. This will likely cost £750-£1500 for professional painters. This will include cleaning, detail work, trim work, and all rental equipment (scaffolds, sprayers, rollers, etc.). This is not a small job, so it will require a great degree of precision, and for this reason, hiring a professional company is a good investment to consider making.

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