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Cost of Painting Interior Walls

A guide of the process of hiring a painter to paint some interior walls, including the costs of labour and materials.

1-5 days
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Interior painting is somewhat more personalised than painting your home’s exterior. You can truly allow your personality to shine through. This of course if you don’t plan on selling your home or listing it in the near future, in which case you’d go with something a little more neutral in tone.

Regardless of the colours ultimately chosen, you want to ensure the painting project is done properly. Not only to avoid having to paint several coats on each wall, but also so your home looks and feels, the way you intended it to. So, before you undertake a painting project, these are some things to consider.

What the job entails

Before you commence painting any room, think of the reason why you are painting it. Are you simply tired of the coat in the bedroom, or do you have a meaningful purpose behind it? If you want to simply change things up, or freshen up a room, a fresh coat of paint can do the trick.

Once you determine the reasoning, you likely have a few colours lined up from which to choose. Don’t simply throw darts on a colour board. Take your time to compare colours, find something you will like for plenty of time to come (you won’t get sick of), and something which showcases your personality throughout the home. Obviously, it should work well together, so the home comes together, once all rooms are painted.

Prep the home

Prepare the interior surfaces. Sand down the walls, clean of visible dirt, wipe the surfaces and make sure your walls are as bare as possible. You also want to make sure you have painter’s tape lined on window panes, doors, knobs, and other fixtures. Furniture, flooring, carpets, and other items you don’t want to be painted, should also be fully covered.

Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional painter, this is the initial process before you begin painting. If you hire the painters, they will simply do the work for you.

Potential issues when painting

Paint colour and finishes are of high concern when choosing paint for each room you plan on painting. You need to make sure it matches the exact colour chosen, and that it goes well with your furniture and décor. Take your time in looking at several colours, primes, finishes, and shiny/flat finishes. It will make a difference if the colour is even a little off, from what you expect it to be.

Not properly sanding and cleaning the walls is another big problem. The paint won’t look good. You’ll see bumps, divots, and other defects if the walls aren’t smooth prior to painting. If you don’t have the time, don’t know how to do this, or simply don’t want to, hiring a painter is your best alternative.

Sealing the walls is another major concern. Some paints don’t require it, others do. Some have built-in shine or brilliance, others have built-in protectants and sealants, and other paints don’t. If you want to skip this step, opt for higher-priced paint, which has the built-in protection. Otherwise, you will see the defects and aren’t going to be happy with the finish a few months down the road after painting.

Other projects to complete

New window drapes, furniture, lighting, or décor, should be matched with the paint-job you plan on completing. Whether you simply redecorate the space with items you own or choose to revamp the entire room and buy new items, this is a good time to do it all.

If you hire painters, ask them to do trim and detail work. Around the light fixtures, knobs, windows, and other surfaces, they can perfectly tailor the walls to look elegant and fine, with attention to detail. Also consider bordering, or using an accent wall, if you wish to give a particular room a “spotlight” feel.

Costs & Duration

The size of the home will dictate the duration. A standard, 2-3-bedroom home, will take professional painters 2-5 days to paint. This includes priming, finishing, cleanup, and detail/bordering and trim work. a DIY project of this nature can run anywhere from 1-2 weeks for most homeowners.

The cost will also vary. Quality of paint, how many different colours chosen, and finish (matte, shine, gloss, etc.), are all variables which affect pricing. Expect to pay anywhere from £500-£2000 for the entire home. Again, paint qualities, brands, and other factors will determine the cost. So, will supplies and equipment used to paint the home.

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