Painting & Rendering Jobs

rendering an external wall

House Rendering

Rendering your exterior walls will help improve aesthetic value of the home’s exterior. This however, doesn’t come without a cost.

painting exterior walls

Painting Exterior Walls

Your home’s exterior is the first thing anyone sees, including you! It isn’t simply a matter of curb-appeal when you plan on selling ...

painting front and back doors

Painting an External Door

It’s a simple paint job, right? Maybe for some. But, in painting the front and back doors of your home, you might come across other projects...

painting a living room

Painting your Living Room

The front room of your home is seen by everyone. Any visitor that walks in, is going to walk through it. With this in mind, you obviously want...

painting interior walls

Cost of Painting Interior Walls

nterior painting is somewhat more personalised than painting your home’s exterior. You can truly allow your personality to shine through.

plastering skimming walls cost

Plastering & Skimming a Wall

When plastering walls, it is important that the job is done properly. Not only for the aesthetics, but also to avoid chipping, cracking ...