Cost of Painting Fascias & Soffits

A guide of the process of hiring a tradesman to paint your soffits and fascias, including the costs of labour and materials.

2-3 days
Avg price:


When updating the home’s exterior, one such project homeowners may choose to undertake is painting. This can include painting the soffits and fascia outside the property. When doing this, there are certain pertinent factors to consider.

First off, whether or not to use a water-proof, sealant on the soffits and fascia. In addition to this, you should consider specialised paint and primers. And, you may be debating whether to hire a professional painter or perform the painting on your own. Before you make the decision, let’s look at the project undertaking, costs, and potential issues you will face along the way.

What the job entails

Before painting begins, the soffits and fascia must be properly primed. This includes removing dents/dings, removing the old paint, applying a primer, and possibly waterproofing the areas being painted.

Once these tasks are completed, the soffits and fascia are ready to be painted. Applying a sealant is an option to consider. Doing this will help prevent chipping or cracking of the surface, if heavy elements are present, or if you live in a rainy area. Painting, and possibly applying a gloss/matte finish, might also be desired by certain homeowners, once the paint has dried.

Potential issues during painting process

If the fascia or soffits are damaged, dented, or otherwise require repairs, this should be addressed prior to painting. Even if you simply have to move, or affix them to the siding of the home, you should do this prior to undertaking any painting projects.

If any old paint has to be removed, thinners or other primers may be required as well. If you don’t know how to work with such products, you can damage the soffits and fascia. In these cases, you should consider contracting professional painters for the project.

Apart from this, you won’t run into too many issues with simple painting projects. Priming and preparing the surfaces to be painted are typically the biggest difficulties/areas of concern which will present themselves, which homeowners might want to avoid, and consider hiring professional painters to perform these tasks.

Additional projects to complete

If the home’s exterior needs a tune-up, a new coat of paint can provide just that. You might choose to paint all exterior surfaces when working on the soffits and fascia. You will pay a flat rate, rather than individual pricing, for each of these projects, when you hire one licensed painting company to do the work.

If you want to upgrade windows, work on the siding, or repair any roof damage, you can also undertake these projects. Cleaning out the gutters, or removing debris from around the home, are also projects you should consider doing while painting the fascia and soffits. It is far easier to undertake these projects at one time, and hire one professional company to do everything, rather than work section by section, on the home’s exterior.

Costs & Duration

Simple painting, priming, and sealing shouldn’t take more than 1-2 days for professional painters. They will typically charge a daily labour rate of £100-200 for homes. Depending on the quality of the paint chosen, colours, and how big the home is, additional fees can range from £250-500 for all painting services.

When you choose to paint the home’s exterior as well, you will pay the flat labour fee, alongside cost for sprayers, and other professional supplies. Larger homes will run anywhere from £500-1000 for exterior painting. An average-sized 2-3 bedroom home might cost £400-700, for exterior painting. Prices will vary based upon contractors hired, paints chosen, and additional services being performed.

In most cases, these smaller painting services, shouldn’t run more than 2-3 days. This is because the priming and finishing will require time to dry. And, in some cases, two or three coats of paint are required, so additional drying time might be required in these instances.