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Cost of Power Flushing your Central Heating

A guide of the process of hiring a heating engineer to power flush your central heating, including the costs of labour and materials.

1-2 hours
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Removing the pump and attaching the power flush hose, is a simple way of explaining what power flushing your central heating system is. Basically, you are flushing out dirt, debris, and build up, rendering clean-air flow throughout your home once the system is flushed.

This is not the type of project you can perform a DIY project on. Most homeowners don’t have the equipment, or knowledge, to properly perform this task. So, even if it seems like an easy project from the outside looking in, you are best served hiring a licensed contractor who specialises with HVAC and heating systems, to perform this work.

What the job entails

The pumps and heating elements are removed from the system. Contractors may brush to remove clutter/debris from the exterior. At this point, they connect the power flush hose to the central system and turn on the power source in order to flush the system.

It doesn’t require too much precision or expertise, but it does require an understanding of how the central heating system is set up. For this reason, it is a job best left to those who work with these systems daily. It will avoid possibly connecting the wrong parts, and damage your heating system, which will end up costing far more in the future.

Once cleaned, the pump is replaced, parts are reattached, and your central heating system is ready to go. Clean, fresh air is now pumping through your home, so no more issues with dust, allergens, or other debris floating around the home.

Tips for flushing

When you hire a contractor, they will need access to the heating system. So, clean out surrounding areas, clutter, and any blockage in front of your heating system. Give them clear access to the space, so they can easily attach the hoses, power on the flushing equipment, and quickly and easily clean out the dirt from your system.

Know the symptoms before-hand. If you notice cold spots on the radiator if it takes longer to heat up, or if regular bleeding is present, these are a few simple signs power flushing might be necessary. Make sure you maintain your radiator and clean it frequently. Also, change out pumps when necessary, and keep filters clean.

Potential issues

If all valves aren’t maintained, if you haven’t maintained records of temperatures, or if you have obstructions around your radiator, these are all potential issues which can cause the radiator to function at lower-than-normal efficiencies. They will require flushing more frequently, which will cost more money. So, make sure you maintain your radiator, and note problems as soon as they occur.

Sometimes power flushing doesn’t do the trick. If you have tried this in the past, or have recently had your system flushed, and it hasn’t helped resolve the issues, this can be a sign that your radiator is about to give out on you. Of course, this is going to incur much higher costs. So, proper maintenance is essential, to avoid this from happening prematurely.

Other projects to complete

Changing filters and cleaning the filtering system is another task you can perform at this time. The more regularly you maintain and change filters, the better the system will operate. So, maintain it routinely, and clean it as often as possible, so you can limit the number of times you have to power flush it annually.

General house cleaning will help more than you think. If your home is dusty and muggy, filters build up smudge and dirt. So, have fans running, keep your home clean, and take the time to check your system is clear of blockage and backups. This will help to preserve your radiator, and will also limit how often you need to have it professionally power flushed.

Costs & Duration

Power flushing is a task which will take a licensed professional virtually no time to complete. It will take anywhere from 1-2 hours. Depending on where the radiator is located, how easy it is to access, and how easily they can attach the power hose, this job can be completed in under 1 hour with top professionals.

In terms of the pricing, this is where you want to shop in order to find the best deal possible. You can pay as little as £300, to more than £600, in the same area in the UK. Obviously larger cities are going to have higher service charges for this type of service. This doesn’t mean you have to overpay. As long as you compare quotes, you can find the best professionals, who will do this work for the most affordable price in your home.

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