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Cost of Removing a Chimney

A guide of the process of hiring a roofer to remove a chimney, including the costs of labour and materials.

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You are tired of your chimney. You want to reinstall it on another area of the roof. You don’t want to maintain or clean it. These are some of the reasons you might choose to have a chimney on your roof, take off at any given point in time.

However, the cost of removing a chimney is a factor which homeowners must consider when removing the chimney. It is not the cheapest project to undertake. And, if you ever decide you wish to replace it at a later date, it might be time-consuming, costly, and require additional roofing work.

What the job entails

Most chimney removals refer to the chimney staff. This is the part of the chimney which is visible, the part which erects out of the top of your home. So, the hearth and breast removal, typically aren’t quoted when you contact a contractor. If you wish to remove these parts, make sure you ask for a quoted price, including the removal of these parts.

If repair is out of the question, this is typically the time in which a homeowner might choose to remove their chimney. Scaffolding is required to get on the roof, so the rental equipment costs will be included in your removal quote. Removal of the bricks, dismantling the staff, removing caps, and other covers, are also part of the removal process. Depending on the contractor hired, the approach they take will differ in every case. And, depending on the type of chimney, removal might take different courses, so familiarise yourself with what it entails, so you know what the contractors are talking about when giving you a quote.

Disposal of the waste materials is the final step in removing your chimney. Remember, these pieces are heavy, you need to bring them down from the roof to ground level, and they must be properly disposed of, so you don’t pay any fines or penalties for improper disposal. All of these services are included in the quoted price you are given when hiring a contractor to remove the chimney.

Potential issues with removal

If there is extreme damage to the chimney staff, it may require additional roofing work. This may extend to fascia repair, removing the breast and heart, or additional repair and removal work. All of the additional work they perform is obviously going to increase the price in removing the chimney from your roof. So, make sure you fully understand the quote, what is included, and what exactly has to be removed, so you don’t overpay for these services in your home.

Removal might also come with roof damage or replacement needs. If the contractor damages the roof, if siding gets damaged, or if other issues arise, you might have to perform these repairs, prior to removing the chimney. So, if you aren’t sure the chimney is beyond repair, find out what options are available to you, such as repointing the chimney or installing a chimney cowl, as opposed to simply having the chimney taken from your roof.

Other projects to complete

If you are looking to do roofing repair or repair, you can get a quote for these additional services as well. Most contractors will offer a discount price, can do the project in less time, and can do the roof repair or replacement to match the new flat/level area, where your chimney is being removed. So, you can choose something that will look good and is going to upgrade the overall appearance of your home.

Windows, siding work, or even power/pressure washing, are additional services you might want to consider completing. Going on the roof isn’t something you do on a daily basis. If you have a contractor there, with the scaffolding and proper equipment, you might as well at least get a quote for all services you want to have done on the roof. This is a simple way to find the best price, and not have to worry about additional damages.

Costs & Duration

The removal of a chimney staff will take a matter of hours. Typically, 5-10 hours for a traditional roof. The cost of labour most contractors charge is a flat rate of £250-£350 per day. And, smaller chimneys should run about £1000 to remove and dispose of, while larger chimneys can cost up to £1500 for removal and disposal.

Of course, you should compare quotes, in order to find the best licensed professional and to find the most affordable pricing for the chimney removal.

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