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Cost of Repairing your Gutters

A guide of the process of hiring a tradesman to repair your guttering, including the costs of labour and materials.

2-6 hours
Avg price:


Gutter repair jobs take on various forms. In some homes, it is simply patching an area, while in others it can be as much as replacing an entire portion of the home’s guttering system.

Repair jobs are essential if damage is noticed. Not only for properly waterflow and drainage, but also to avoid clogging, leaves piling up, or having the entire gutter system fail in the near future. When repairs are necessary, these are a few things homeowners should bear in mind as it pertains to the repair service needs.

What the job entails

This depends, and is a case by case assessment done on each home. In some homes, it is removing build-up of leaves, which are causing clogging in the gutters. In other homes, it might mean removing a portion of the gutter, stabilising it, and replacing it.

Leaks are another common repair job. With these tasks, simply adding a rubber bearing/cast will help plug the leaking portion of the gutter. This will also help stop progression of leaks or movement in the joints, if you plan on replacing the entire gutter system in the near future.

Depending on the severity of damage, and amount of guttering which requires repair, the tasks which will be undertaken when performing repair work will vary in every home.

Additional Jobs

When repairing, you might as well have the gutters cleaned. Leaves pile up over time, rainwater builds up and might cause rust, or even small items like nuts, twigs, or branches, can cause dirty/damage gutters. When repairing the gutters, it is also a good idea to have them professionally cleaned.

Some homeowners might consider having the plumbing system checked out, or consider having work done to the fascia/siding of the home. If you choose to do so, it is a good idea to hire a contractor who specialises in all areas of siding/gutter/plumbing work. It will reduce the overall cost of services, and also allow one specialist to perform all services at the same time.

Potential Problems

One of the main issues to consider with repair work, is that it won’t fix the issue. In some instances, you have to replace the gutters. If they are extremely dated, falling apart, or if there are leaks throughout, repairs usually aren’t going to be the solution you require.

Overflow or clogging is another major area of concern. If the gutters aren’t working as they should, because of the damage, a clog can potentially lead to a major leak, which will end up causing water damage to the roof/interior of the home. If shoddy repair work is performed, this is a major area of concern homeowners must consider. For such reasons, it is worth hiring a professional, as opposed to attempting a simple DIY fix yourself.

Bacterial build-up is yet another concern. Animal droppings, pools of rainwater, and even leaves clogging the gutters, are a home for bacterial buildup. If repairs aren’t performed in a timely fashion, this can potentially lead to mould, mildew, or other damage to the home’s exterior/interior surfaces.

General Costs

In general, you can expect to pay £150 for labour/per day with most contractors. Then, depending on the actual repair to be done, additional costs might arise.

Something like fixing a minor leak might run £100. With major replacement, or installing additional railing/guttering lines, you might incur costs of £250 and higher. Cleaning, waste removal, and similar jobs typically run £50 or below.

Most of these jobs will typically take 2 to 4 hours to complete.

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