Cost of Replacing a Bargeboard

A guide of the process of hiring a tradesman to replace a bargeboard, including the costs of labour and materials.

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A bargeboard is typically a plastic or wood board, that goes around the apex of the roof. When dealing with roofing projects, repair projects aren’t simple DIY projects for the homeowner to undertake. Therefore, hiring a licensed contractor, is typically going to be the best alternative to take for repair service needs.

Whether it is fixing a bargeboard which is lifting or shifting, one which has extensive damage due to inclement weather, or a board which is extremely old, a contractor can inform you of the best repair approach. And, they can provide you with a full quote, including all costs of materials, equipment, and repairs they will perform.

What the job entails

Typically, a repair will begin with the assessment. This is to determine if the bargeboard can be salvaged, or if parts of it are too extensively damaged, and it should be replaced. If part of the plastic has come up, but is still intact (not broken or cracking), it can sometimes simply be resealed. If, however, the wood is cracking, chipping or splintering, then replacing it might be the better, and more affordable option.

The bargeboard might be on an older home, which isn’t up to code. If this is the case, it simply needs to be replaced. If you have the choice of material, a UPVC or thick plastic material is a far superior option to wood. It isn’t prone to damage, mould, or other warping issues which are common with wood. So, if complete replacement is necessary, consider the best material option, given the local area, and weather conditions where you live.

Tips for repairing

If there is major damage to the bargeboard, consider replacement rather than repair. Not only is the wood or plastic greatly compromised, but if there is extensive damage, you are continually going to have to do additional repair work. Overtime, this is costlier, and the materials simply weaken, and will eventually break. So, consider repair over replacement.

If your home is very old, or you have never done work to the exterior, it might also be a better choice to replace, versus repair. Sometimes the bargeboard isn’t up to code, in which case you have to replace it.

Compare to save

Discuss your options with your roofer, to decide what the most affordable, and the smartest option is, when it comes to dealing with this aspect of your roof. Compare quotes. You don’t have to hire the first contractor you call. In fact, if you are willing to take the time to compare several quotes, you will find the most affordable prices, and the most honest contractor. So, you know exactly what you are paying for, and know the most knowledgeable roofer is going to be completing those services on your home as well.

Costs & Duration

Repairing the bargeboard is sometimes as simple as resealing it to the home. In most instances, a simple repair job shouldn’t take longer than 1-5 hours. In more complex cases, or with larger homes, you might have to hire a contractor to perform these services for a length of 1-3 days.

For this time, you are paying a fee for the labour, which is usually a flat rate charge per day, which most contractors charge. These fees can range from £150-£250. Like the cost of the actual services they perform, if you compare several contractors prior to hiring one, you are obviously going to find the most affordable service providers.

Repairing the bargeboard can run anywhere from £100-£300. It depends on how much is being repaired, the material (plastic or wood), severity of damage, and equipment and materials used. If you opt to replace, this can run anywhere from £300-£750 with most single-family, detached homes. Depending on the type of repair, or if you choose to do full replacement of the bargeboard, the pricing can greatly vary from one home to the next, and one contractor to another.

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